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the toxic hug

Voting has consequences. The new Government of PP and Vox in Castilla y León has decided cut subsidies in half that unions and employers receive to carry out their work of labor negotiation, risk prevention and professional guidance. The hack is 20 million. They say it is a “superfluous” expense and, meanwhile, the right-wing coalition Spending in high positions has skyrocketed. They announced it yesterday, and I have a feeling it’s not by chance. Macarena Olona, ​​her candidate in Andalusia, was able to use it at night in the electoral debate on Canal Sur to say that she will do the same. He did it in the first minute of presentation. Very proud. I have never seen anyone announce a social “cut” with such a broad smile without making it up with something else. Juanma Moreno has spent the entire debate trying to avoid Vox’s toxic embrace, culminating in an embarrassing moment: “Mr. Moreno, look at me…”, said Olona, ​​who smiled at him and held out his hand to formalize the coalition. Moreno has lowered his head without knowing what to say. She will end up accepting that hand, but after 19J.

Here is a chronicle of the night, in which the left-wing forces played a very good role, each one in its own record. That does not mean that things look bad for the PP, which widens its advantage over the PSOE and also over Vox, according to the average we have made with published surveys.

Idealism and Watergate

today on the podcast, a bit of recent political history. We travel to 1972 to remember the scandal of the Watergate case, which is now 50 years old.

Five decades of idealism: the Watergate case is a lesson in a few things (journalism as a public service, political responsibility over partisan, intolerance of corruption…) that today seem to be faltering.

don’t miss it

everything is politics

Come on, tomorrow we read each other again.

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