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The virus and the trauma

I am not starting today’s newsletter with this topic because I have grounds to believe that it is the most important news, but because I know that it will be the most commented on the street, on the networks and in many media. And it’s normal. The pandemic has left us traumatized and it is impossible not to feel vertigo, a point of irrational fear, when we read that “Seven positive cases of monkeypox in Madrid of the 23 suspects are confirmed.” At the request of the Ministry of Health, other communities are also tracking possible cases. Fernando Simón has reappeared to say that “it is not likely that he will have an important broadcast” and, of course, things are being removed.

But let’s be clear: all those infected people are fine, with chickenpox-like blisters, and experts tell us that human-to-human transmission is difficult; all detected cases occur in young men who have had sexual relations with other men. In the United Kingdom they have located nine cases, in Portugal they are also confirming the first ones. In this article we tell you everything we know about the viruswhich is not new and was eradicated in Europe.

Yes it is yes, but by the hair

New mess between PSOE and Podemos in the dispute over feminist policies. The law of ‘only yes is yes’, which retouches legal foundations such as sexual consent, has been about to not get ahead by the tensions around a PSOE amendment with which he wanted to toughen two articles on prostitution and pimping. Accepting that amendment endangered the support of other necessary groups in Congress, so at the last minute the PSOE decided to withdraw it. But the tension will not disappear: the PSOE will present this reform independently and they will resurface dissents on prostitution who live in the coalition government.

  • Bibiana Aido. We have seen Bibiana Aído again, that Zapatero’s Minister of Equality against whom we saw some reactionary attacks that have later been normalized, in a public act in Spain. She now works at UN Women. She has been received by Irene Montero just in the week in which rights on abortion have been restored, which Aído approved for the first time.
  • Run away and lose rights. We always tell that Poland, so racist with other types of refugees, is being kind in receiving Ukrainian refugees who flee with their children from the war. But that does not mean that it remains the same ultra-conservative country: Ukrainian women find, among other problems, that there they do not have the right to abortion. The war will force them to be mothers.

from king to king

Today Juan Carlos I returns to Spain. In addition to sailing in Sanxenxo, Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI will face each other on Monday, after almost two years.

today on the podcastWe ask ourselves simple questions. How will that meeting be? What do they have to decide? If the emeritus comes more and more, will we see the right pay him tributes? Will your son leave you? Will the father obey?

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things i didn’t know

  • He did not know what on the moon you can plant watercress. NASA has managed to successfully cultivate specimens of arabidopsis thaliana in lunar soil collected in different expeditions. They grow worse than on the volcanic soil of the Earth (in the photo, lunar soil on the right and volcanic soil on the left), but they do grow. It is a first step in the dream of creating a lunar greenhouse that can provide food for human expeditions.
  • I didn’t know the details of Rubens’ famous paintingthe three graces‘. We are supposed to see the daughters of Zeus in a fertility dance, there are deer that represent desire and a spring presided over by Cupid. A bit of mythological wrapping to paint the naked bodies of her models. The one on the left was Helena Fourment, his wife at the time. He made the painting for himself, it did not leave his studio until his death. Thanks to Rocío by the warning.
  • He did not know what methylation is, a mechanism of the organism to ‘deactivate’ some genes. In other words, it is what causes a person who has inherited a predisposition to have a disease to end up not developing it. There are environmental factors that ‘turn off’ that gene. It is what explains that two identical twins can have different bodies and personalities. better explained here.


Juan Carlos I returns today, aren’t you excited

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