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They are already warming up

We already said yesterday that July promised to be a kind of rehearsal of what awaits us in the fall and in the eternal pre-campaign until the 2023 elections. There are two incentives for even within the government coalition to go taking positions and forcing contrasts: the imminence of the debate on the state of the nation and the presentation on Friday of ‘Sumar’, the new project by Yolanda Díaz. The vice president, who does not usually hit the table in public, has given one as a form of protest against the non-consensual approval of an immediate increase in defense spending. Diaz doesn’t shy away either the political and dialectical clash with Margarita Roblesthe other best valued minister of the Government, although not precisely by the most left-wing voters.

From the opposition, the PP also raises the tone and does so by pulling arguments that smell rancid but that have worked all their lives. You will have already seen a photo of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, with several people from her team in New York on social networks.

Well, what is an official trip like so many others that they are made, it has become ammunition with a classist and macho smell which is unmistakable. Only they can travel.

election conspiracy

There is another type of attack that is more damaging than criticism of official travel. For example, sowing doubt about the electoral system. And yes, Feijóo is starting to play with that fire. today on the podcast we also discover that it is not the first time and in passing we explain what Indra is, that company that worries the PP so much.

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  • On scholarships, rich and poor This report revolves around one of the great verified truths of the educational world: parents’ income is what most determines the academic future of children. Therefore, scholarships for rent are essential to equalize.
  • the new wave. Those hospitalized with coronavirus again mark their highest level since February. They are up 10% since Friday and we all notice a significant increase in cases around us, often without officially registering. It is the paradox of a summer without pandemic but with coronavirus.
  • Boris. Boris Johnson’s government is like his hair. A disorderly thing, half disastrous, that has no solution but it does take root. There it goes. The last thing is that he was resigned by surprise their Ministers of Economy and Health. The crisis happens in the middle of a storm by allegations of sexual harassment within the conservative parliamentary group.
  • War. Russia already controls Lugansk, one of the Ukrainian regions of Donbas, in the east of the country, near its border. Now in theory he should go for the other, but nothing in this war is easy for Putin.
  • why do we say that the gasoline subsidy is the most expensive measure and that it is not quite useful? For all this.

in today’s chapter

  • God’s signature. We have a new fiction podcast from the screenwriter of The Great Blackout and War 3, and collaborator of elDiario.esJosé A. Pérez Ledo. It’s called ‘The Signature of God’ and it is a disturbing scientific story about the emergence of a new disease? pandemic? I’m on the third chapter of eight, and he already has me delivered.
  • We own this city. Stop the machines that There is a new David Simon series, which also means his return to the streets of Baltimore, the city that featured in his The Wire. It’s called ‘The city is ours’ and critics put it, of course, very well. Has anyone here seen it?


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