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this is war

We may be facing news of no return for the Popular Party. Today we know that senior party officials, trusted by Pablo Casado, contacted private detectives to order a secret investigation against Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The thread that these researchers had to pull was that of a story published in November by the award by hand of a contract for 1.5 million to a mask company of a businessman friend of Ayuso. according to the world Y The confidential, in the crosshairs would be the president’s brother, in Genoa’s attempt to find ammunition to placate the national aspirations of the Madrid leader. El Mundo says that the order was never formalized. the pp ensures which is all false. This will bring consequences.

Vox and PP keep dancing. Pablo Casado has decided this week to give his highest and most moderate profile at the start of the dance with Vox that is now beginning to form a Government in Castilla y León. It was critical of the far-right formationmarked differences and he almost closed the door to those of Abascal to enter the Government of Mañueco with a vice presidency.

“Our limits are our principles,” Casado said. Is it a sincere message? Or is it just a posture to assert itself in the negotiation and on the way to prepare the story that they agreed with Vox because they had no choice? Well, perhaps the clue given to us by the national spokesman for his party, Martínez Almeida, who has said that the problem is not agreeing with Vox but the left and Bildu and everything else. And Ayuso says the same. And Mañueco does not want to risk an electoral repetition. That’s all, this and the cordon sanitaire, as Ugarte explainsa great fiction.

To pieces of unleavened bread

There is internal war in the Spanish Church. The accumulation of pederasty scandals, which are now surfacing but tolerated for decades, it is festering the relationship of some bishops with others. They are unable to make a joint statement of reaction to the complaints that do not stop coming out. Open-minded and conservative are… pieces of unleavened bread.

Meanwhile, PSOE and United We Can seek consensus to investigate abuses in the Church. I already told you that the PSOE advocates that the Ombudsman be the one to lead the investigations and United We Can bet on something that happens in Congress. Both parties agree that the victims must be protected from a possible circus, which we already know will receive harassment from a certain right.

the size of a table

In the world of diplomacy, words are always measured so that they say without saying anything, so that they almost always seem kind. That is why it is sometimes given an exaggerated importance to gesturesto the symbols.

Look at this picture. It is Putin with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, at the same table where he met Macron a few days ago.

And now look at this from yesterday:

It is Putin receiving Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil.

You don’t have to be a lynx to find the big difference. Of course, there is an official justification for avoiding explanations that provoke even more conflict. The Kremlin asked Macron and Scholz to take a PCR before the meeting and they refused, according to Reuters, to prevent Moscow from storing DNA traces of Western leaders.

Anyway, beyond the tables, let’s get to the important thing: the US had been in charge of making it known to public opinion that Russia could intervene in Ukraine yesterday at 3:00 p.m. Well it didn’t happen. Kyiv breathe easier before the announcement of the withdrawal of Russian troops, although NATO says that what is happening is not a de-escalation and continues to militarily reinforce the area.

Artificial snow

today on the podcast we change a little third, which is sometimes appreciated. Let’s talk about artificial snow. I don’t know if you know that 100% of the snow used in the Winter Olympics is actually fake snow. Today we tell you what is behind that reality, which also occurs on Spanish tracks.

don’t miss it

  • Prices. There is a lot of talk these months about inflation and the rise in the cost of living, pushed in the first place by the energy tariff. Well, we have made graphics for you to see how prices have evolved of usual products in the shopping cart. Oil has risen 30%. Pasta, 20%. The fruit, 8%.
  • Carla Simon. Spanish director Carla Simón has won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. She does it with a film about a family drama set in rural Catalonia and shot in Catalan. And, despite the fact that it is not a very mediatic name, it is not that it was a surprise: Simón was the favorite.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that the anti-vaccine movement and its disinformation campaigns had their first boom in 1798, in the early years of the smallpox vaccination campaign. as it counts this fantastic thread From a researcher on Twitter, the first denial association used an argument that will not surprise you: “freedom”. And of course they doubted the official data of hundreds of thousands of deaths from this disease.
  • I didn’t know the history of Kievan Rus, a country that existed in Eastern Europe from the 9th to the 13th centuries. It was founded by the Viking Oleg of Novgorod in the year 882 and occupied a territory between present-day Belarus, Ukraine and western Russia. As you might guess, that history now plays a role in the cultural battle that runs parallel to the ongoing conflict between Russia and NATO over Ukraine. Read in The World Order.