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📩 NEWSLETTER | Three shots, two cups and a half lemon

Come on, it’s Thursday. Good Morning.

Where is the day going

Vaccines, borders and passports

Today I am writing to you from Brussels, where I am working with a group of European media and organizations on formulas to share content. Anyway, what I’m going to: in each facility and in each bar where I have entered they have asked me for the vaccination certificate. In Spain, the autonomous communities want to advance along this path, some have already done so. According to experts, it is an easy measure to apply but not totally effective. Those vaccinated can continue to infect. And, from what I see around me, being surrounded by people who you know are vaccinated makes you lower your guard, for example with the mask.

Third dose.

The authorization for the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine continues to reach more layers of the population. In full rebound of cases, Pedro Sánchez has announced that those over 60 years of age and health personnel will be vaccinated again. It is a qualitative leap, since until now the third vaccine was limited to especially vulnerable people and those over 70 years of age.

This brings us back to another chapter of excruciating inequality. Those vaccinated with three doses in rich countries outnumber the population with one in the poorest.

Two cups of renewal

Do you remember the Master of Cifuentes case? But? Do you know who the rector of the Rey Juan Carlos University was when all that happened? I already remind you because it would not make much sense for you to remember: Pedro González-Trevijano. It was, as we count in its day, the nexus between the University and the PP.

Do you know who looks like the new president of the Constitutional Court? Yup: Pedro González-Trevijano.

What Ignacio Escolar told yesterday, Trevijano is a good friend of Enrique Arnaldo, recently appointed Supreme Court magistrate by the finger and grace of Pablo Casado and the swallow of PSOE and United We Can.

Didn’t you want renewal of the judicial bodies? Well, have two cups.

The division on the right

There is a common complex on the left: how divided is the left, how incapable are leftist politicians when it comes to rowing together instead of giving their rival facilities with internal power games. Well yes. But even if that war gets the most headlines, they are not the only protagonists of internal battles.

The last chapter of the PP passes through Andalusia. This week a recording of the vice president of the Board, Juan Marín, explaining to his circle of trust in Ciudadanos why it was not necessary to approve the budget to the PP, who is trying to agree on aspects with the PSOE. The underlying issue is actually the least of it. The question that is asked in Ciudadanos is: Who has leaked that recording? The looks point to Fran Hervías, which was number 2 for Albert Rivera but is now an advisor to Pablo Casado. And why would Casado want to shake the tree like that? Well, because the national PP wants to provoke elections as soon as possible in Andalusia and President Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla is not there for the job. Here the context.

  • Let’s go back to the division on the left. In this chronicle, Esther Palomera explains why the PSOE tried to take the leadership of the labor reform from Yolanda Díaz. The polls detected an attrition of Pedro Sánchez for seeming that he resisted repealing the labor policies of the PP.

Dependency referendum

I love the story that we tell today on the podcast: two municipalities of Extremadura are going to hold a referendum to merge. In times of independence and polarization, two towns came together to form one of the largest cities in Extremadura. Come with me to Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena.

Dependency referendum: this is how a new city was born in Extremadura.

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Do not pass

Amnesty. Maybe you know that in Spain there is an Amnesty Law that prevents judging the crimes of the Franco regime. PSOE and United We Can are looking for a formula to circumvent it and be able to judge certain crimes. Here the keys.

  • Don’t call it tax havenCall it they are taking the money. Spain lose 6,300 million per year due to the diversion of profits and wealth to low-tax territories. Perfectly legal, of course.
  • CIS. United We Can and Vox traced in the CIS at the expense of the two great parties.

Things i didn’t know

  • Did not know the story of the author of that song that half of Spain knew in the mid-nineties: “A lemon and a half a lemon, two lemons and a half a lemon …”. When I saw the series Veneno, I learned that Juan Antonio ‘Canta’ had committed suicide, tormented by having achieved an absurd success with his worst song, as a comedian who never was. In El Periódico they tell the story of his life. Someone do something, a documentary, a multi-chapter podcast, something. It deserves it.
  • Did not know until the detail shown in this video recommended by Esther Samper the way in which vaccines act to shield our body from the expansion of the coronavirus produced by Covid-19. I still find it like science fiction to think of processes so mechanical, so physical (a piece of something fits into a protrusion and then it can no longer hook …) at a level so invisible to our eye. Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit of a naive fascination. Lettering people things.
  • He did not know that in the United Kingdom, in addition to English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish, there is a fifth national identity (to which the BBC recently called it ‘forgotten’). It is the Cornish people, made up of half a million people and concentrated in the county of Cornwall, in the southwest of England. Nor did he know that they have their own language, of Celtic origin, and that today a movement to revitalize it is gaining strength.

Tomorrow we read each other again, which will be Friday and we will all be happy and content.

A hug!


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