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📩 NEWSLETTER | to the assault

The sensations left by the assault on the City of Lorca carried out on Monday by a group of ranchers are becoming more and more disturbing. They confronted the Police, entered the building and tried to break into the municipal plenary session where a limitation for future macro-farms was going to be voted on.

today on the podcast We explain what happened, we speak with a councilor who experienced it from the inside and we connect the incident with the hoax about Alberto Garzón’s statements, which has served as a source of “disinformation”, as one of the repentant ranchers acknowledges.

  • What’s morea person has been detained after voluntarily presenting himself at the police station as a participant in the altercation.
  • The PP continues with its campaignasks to abolish the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and now says that Garzón “damages the reputation” of “24 sectors”. Among them, “the head of state.” The typical Head of State sector.

orange paint

It looks like it’s going to happen what Yolanda Díaz perhaps never thought would happen: that her labor reform ends up being approved by Ciudadanos and not by other leftist groups in Congress such as ERC. The rule, previously agreed by the Government with unions and employers, will have the support with reservations of More Country or Compromís, but ERC and PNV do not yield. Thus, the support of Citizens will be essential for approval, a gesture that has its share of poisoned candy: those of Arrimadas do not usually have options to gain relevance and here on the way they generate some wear, paradoxically, with a vote to favor.

Things can still be moved, the vote is tomorrow, but in the Government they already assume that this time the ‘investiture bloc’ is not maintained.

10 million

Spain has already officially exceeded 10 million infections in the pandemic. Half of the cases have been reported in the sixth wave, although the number of deaths has not skyrocketed thanks to the vaccines. In this link you have various data and graphs that summarize how we got here. Y here two stories that teach us that Covid-19 is not over.

The incidence continues to decline and administrations begin to think again of some kind of normality. in Catalonia restrictions will be removed to nightlife on February 11 and the Community of Madrid test again in health centers. The Ministry of Health says that soon “will be modulated” the mandatory use of masks.

  • hipra. The Spanish vaccine against the coronavirus it goes to the last phase of the clinical trial that it must pass before it can be distributed. It will be tested on 3,000 adults over 16 years of age as a booster dose, who will be followed up for 52 weeks.

don’t miss it

  • abuses. PP and Vox have voted in Congress against opening a parliamentary investigation commission on abuses in the Church. They have been left alone, so the initiative presented by ERC and EH Bildu goes ahead, although the PSOE doubts that it is the most appropriate format.
  • rental law. I already told you that its approval and execution process was going to be long. This Tuesday, the Housing Law passed the process of the Council of Ministers, although with more pressure of that provided by the reports of the Judiciary. Here we remind you of the keys.
  • Invasion. What does a military invasion look like in Europe in 2022? What exactly are we talking about when we say that Russia can attack Ukraine? Here’s a nuanced explanation to understand the scale of the conflict.

in today’s chapter

  • Yellow Jackets. Yesterday, in the typical first minutes of a meeting in which you wait for everyone to arrive, Ignacio Escolar recommended that we watch the series yellowjackets. She says that she has very unpleasant moments, I have read that she is Between Lost and Livebut worth it for thriller lovers addictive. Here they say that is a perfect mix between “mystery, a bit of horror, supernatural elements, 90s teen drama and a bit of humor”.
  • Pam and Tommy. These are days of promotion for the new miniseries that recreates a scandal that if you lived attentive to the 90s, you will surely remember: the private sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee that ended up leaked on the Internet. It is a series created to vindicate Anderson and highlight her not only as a victim of that video but much more, although I read to Lorenzo Ayuso not too cleverly.
  • Laika. If popular science catches your attention, you can try the podcast of Órblta Laika, the sound version of the RTVE programme. In This chapterfor example, talk about the history of climate change and what we can know today about the weather in the summer of 2050. Very careful finishes and a friendly tone.

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