Saturday, December 4

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The week that marks 10 years since the end of ETA was going to be a week of memories, contained satisfaction, convictions and the typical political disputes. But it will no longer only be that. Arnaldo Otegi, historical national leader, has come out to say that the pain caused by ETA “should never have occurred” and has expressed “from the heart” that “we feel enormously” that horror. You can hear it yourself in this video. Do not miss discourse analysis what Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte does.

So this week we are not just talking about the past but about the future. What does it mean that the main Abertzale political referent, on behalf of all the currents inserted in Bildu, breaks completely with ETA? Beyond what Otegi really thinks “from the heart”, what the independence coalition seeks is to dispute the power and legitimacy of the PNV in Euskadi, and also to be a reference in the dialogue with Madrid. More keys about the strategy.

It will not be so easy. After decades demanding that they apologize and break with the past, now when it happens of course the Spanish right is not worth it. “He laughs at the victims”, says the PP. From the Government they are not enthusiastic about Otegi of course, but welcome the gesture. And, again, beyond the sincerity of each one and the substance of the matter, on the one hand both the PSOE and Podemos are convenient for Bildu to be seen as a delicate but acceptable interlocutor and not completely toxic as up to now; and on the other hand, it is convenient for the PP that there is a left to be called a filoterrorist in order to continue saying that “everything is ETA.” In fact, today we interviewed one of the international mediators from the end of ETA, Tony Blair’s former chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, and he says: “The PP endangered the peace process”.

The other pardoned

You saw Antonio Hernando a lot on TV a few years ago, until he disappeared. You saw him in times of the PSOE of Rubalcaba and José Blanco, and later as one of Pedro Sánchez’s squires. Until all the old and half old guard of the PSOE turned their backs on Sánchez for not allowing the investiture of Rajoy. Antonio Hernando, who was his close friend, also betrayed him.

Pedro Sánchez has made one of the most important decisions that can be made inside a game: when you no longer need him, forgive the betrayal, reinstate the fugitive, give him responsibilities in the engine room. Antonio Hernando will be an important part of the Moncloa team And that sends a message: what happened happened, and now we are all going to one. Of course, that Sánchez seems more concerned about getting along with his exes than with those who resisted with him in the desert, annoys more than one.

Nightmare Before Christmas

I have bad news: Christmas is getting closer and closer. I have another worse one: we are going to have a difficult time finding many of the usual gifts on those dates. Why? Due to the lack of microchips, which seems like a technical problem but it is a mess of the noses that affects employment and the environment and the geopolitics of half the world. Do not miss our chapter today in the podcast.

Do not pass

  • Complicated. In Infolibre They have interviewed Joan Baldoví and caught him just after a meeting with Errejón. The journalist, José Enrique Monrosi, asks him if he sees an alliance between Errejón and Yolanda Díaz possible: “Complicated.”
  • Summers at peace, soldier at war. Many of the Sahrawi children who spent their holidays hosted by Spanish families are now fighting in the low-intensity war between the Polisario Front against Morocco. Annas is one of them. Gabriela Sánchez presents it to us from there.
  • Colin PowellThe former US Secretary of State known worldwide for fabricating lies for the Iraq war, has died of coronavirus, which has complicated a previous illness. He was 84 years old. A profile.
  • Italy. The Italian center-left has recovered two major cities in the municipal elections that have just been held. Rome and Turin are once again progressive and the rise of the extreme right of Salvini and Meloni has stopped.
  • Cancer. Do you have a friend with breast cancer? Some clues how to help her without doing counterproductive things.

Everything is politics

  • I was an atheist. There is eroticism in the art of cathedrals, churches and triptychs about the divine. It’s depicted as evil, sin, temptation, terror, but hey, there it is, depicted with relish. The thing about C. Tangana pulling Nathy Peluso’s hair is nothing new in a cathedral. Here are dozens of examples.
  • Sensitive accent. The presenters of MasterChef, the cooking contest, have had to apologize these days for their absurd comic imitation of the Galician accent during the recording of the program in A Coruña. It got messy and they have asked for forgiveness. The truth is that MasterChef has a regular streak of criticism for the comic axes, a little outdated, which he usually promotes in his montages.
  • Brown sugar. Within the same debates about what is right or hurtful in certain social contexts, there has been much talk about the disappearance of the song Brown Sugar from the usual repertoire of Rolling Stones concerts. Keith Richards says they don’t sing it because as it is about a enslaved black woman, there are people who complain that it is not talked about in adequate terms. If you know English, read the letter and this critical article, which are not new, they have been written for years.

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