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When you see your neighbor’s cell phone being hacked

We are not alone. The European Parliament also finds it scandalous that Israeli software could be used by secret services to spy on politicians according to their ideology. For this reason, after discovering that more than 60 Catalan independentistas were hacked by the Pegasus program, has ordered to search all the mobiles of the MEPs. Let’s see what they find.

In order for their phone to be infected and fully exposed to spies, the victims only had to make one move: click on a link that they thought was something else. According to my colleague Carlos del Castillo, who has been explaining for years how Pegasus is used against activists around the world, whoever tried to spy on Catalan politicians made them fall for the bait by supplanting the identity of NGOs, of public institutions such as the Tax Agency and media. If anyone else does this, it’s phishing and it’s a crime. See examples of the messages:

ERC obviously suspects that behind this operation are (at least) the Spanish intelligence services or some sewer that we still do not know. The parliamentary partners of the Government demand explanations from Moncloa. Today we tell you that this matter it can endanger the passage of some laws who need such support in Congress.

Sanchez and Zelensky

We knew it was going to happen one of these days and it happened yesterday. Pedro Sánchez planted himself in kyiv first thing in the morning to visit and support Volodymyr Zelensky, coinciding with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen. In these things, what is important, what is symbolic (and I say this without cynicism), is the photo. So here are the photos:

But in addition to appearing with him and saying that he was “moved” by what he had seen in the streets of the capital, Pedro Sánchez has announced the shipment of 200 tons of weapons for the Ukrainian defense. Zelensky has asked his allies for more weapons. In this article it analyzes how Ukraine’s dependence on western weapons will mark the new phase of this war.

Macron vs. Le Pen, fright or death

This Sunday sees the second round of the French elections, the final assault between two political titans who transcend their borders: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

today on the podcast We give you the keys to follow these elections. And we talked about the role of leftist voters in this second round. Should they vote for Macron, a neoliberal, to stop the extreme right? Should they refrain? Will anyone vote for Le Pen? I think it has been interesting.

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Trivial Tertullian

Blue – What foreign city has Pedro Sánchez visited this week?

Pink – What television contest broadcast on both Telecinco and Antena 3 already has 500 programs?

Yellow – What was the name of the Spanish intelligence service before it was known by the acronym CNI?

Brown – Of which duke, now deceased, is Luis Medina, one of the commissioners of the mask scam in Madrid, the son?

Green – What type of eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up (in this order)?

Orange – What is the name of Gerard Piqué’s company that took a millionaire commission for the celebration of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia?


Blue – Kyiv

Pink – Pass word

Yellow – CESID (Higher Defense Information Center)

Brown – Rafael Medina, the Duke of Feria

Green – Lunar eclipse

Orange – Cosmos.

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