Thursday, January 20

馃摡 NEWSLETTER | Will it say something?

Well that’s it. Nine months of negotiations later, we have an agreement to the labor reform between employers, unions and the Government. If it goes well, it will be a historical reduction in temporary work in Spain although its content is far from a “repeal” promised so many times that it would bury the Rajoy law approved in 2012 and that caused a general strike.

The reform focuses on several fundamental aspects such as temporality, future ERTE or the balance of power between workers and employers in collective bargaining. And something essential: This agreement shields progress because it includes unions and employers, which will be more difficult for the PP to undo when it comes to government. In return, there are assignments on the original work plan, as in subcontracting, which has not prevented the UGT or CCOO from approving the agreement unanimously internally.

Self-managed pandemic

Spain has chosen the path of individual responsibility and self-management to overcome the sixth wave. In the absence of health resources in the autonomous communities, buy pharmacy tests. In the absence of trackers, let your friends know when they test positive. In the absence of PCR, do not isolate yourself if you have been in close contact with a confirmed case. In the absence of official indications on the transmission in offices, each company decides whether its employees will telecommute again. In the absence of common rules to regulate outbreaks in discos, bars or restaurants, wear a mask on the street.

Will it say something?

Tonight we have to be aware of the speech of Felipe VI, to see if he says something that may be remotely related to his father. We will look for Juan Carlos de Borb贸n in some sentence about justice between equals, in some metaphor about transparency and institutional responsibility, in a raised eyebrow, in some photo of the table behind him. Something.

The emeritus has not returned to Spain finally for Christmas. The Prosecutor’s Office has decided to postpone the filing of its tax investigation until these dates have passed. Switzerland has shelved. In reality, Felipe VI has it easy to ignore the subject.

2021 overview

The last podcast of 2021 arrives, a summary with journalists, members and partners of who leave us their feelings about what the news of the year has been.

You will listen to Ignacio Escolar, Natalia Chientaroli, Rodrigo Ponce de Le贸n, Elena Cabrera, Mar铆a Ram铆rez and also Arturo, Pau and Carmen. To see if you like it.

This does not mean that on Monday you will not have anything to listen to. The new chapters do not return until after the kings, but during every Christmas we will be publishing chapters of other podcasts that we like or remembering chapters of A topic A day that you may have missed.

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Don’t let it pass you

  • Waiter. The Supreme Court considers Judge Baltasar Garz贸n’s sentence for tapping the phones of G眉rtel defendants fulfilled. Does that mean he could be a magistrate again? Yes. It will?
  • Elections. Polls say that the PP will benefit from the electoral advance in Castilla y Le贸n. The popular would win the elections, they would make Ciudadanos almost disappear, although they would need Vox. It is voted on February 13, with the Castilian freshness.
  • A humorist he made a very, very nasty and very, very bad taste joke about people with Down syndrome. The prosecution requested jail for a “hate crime”, and that excess has just been corrected by the judge. That theme has a lot of depth.
  • Writer Joan Didion has died, the icon that turned his duel into an essay masterpiece.
  • Series. If you like series and want to delve into the world and its trends, I recommend this podcast of ‘Extra Bullet’, with Pedro S谩nchez (the other) and JL Hurtado talking about the best titles of 2021.

Trivial tertullian

Blue – In which province is there an abandoned pyramid that was built in honor of the Italian fascist soldiers who fought with Franco in the Civil War?

pink – Who presents the 9pm Newscast on TVE?

Yellow – Who was the president of the United States in 2000?

Brown – What is the name of the resident of Castilla y Le贸n?

Green – What is the name of the La Palma volcano that has been active for three months?

Orange – Which active Spanish tennis player has tested positive this week after a tournament in Abu Dhabi?


Blue – Burgos

pink – Carlos Franganillo.

Yellow – Bill Clinton.

Brown – Alfonso Fern谩ndez Ma帽ueco.

Green – It has no official name.

Orange – Rafael Nadal.

On Monday I wait for you with the last bulletin of the year.

Have a good time tonight! Or that it is mild, at least.

A hug

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