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10 beautiful plants for your bedroom that won’t “steal your oxygen”

If we would like to sleep surrounded by green, but our bedroom is rather dark and has little direct natural light, all is not lost. In fact, putting a plant in the bedroom can help us create an oasis effect against stress, in addition to wrapping dreams in green.

And plants in the bedroom have other benefits: although their effect is limitedthey can help us breathe somewhat healthier and cleaner air, according to NASA research, and remove some volatile particles from the air.

But wasn’t sleeping with plants dangerous? Or is it a myth?

We’ve heard it ad nauseam: “sleeping with plants robs us of oxygen”. But this popular gossip must be nuanced. Plants make their food from sunlight, water, and CO2 (we call this photosynthesis). At night in the bedroom, or in any other situation without sunlight, plants do not photosynthesize, but they do breathe.

And they capture oxygen, that’s right! But let’s clarify: because the oxygen that plants take in when they breathe It is remarkably less than what we humans need.

If we go back to NASA and their calculations, we find that on any given night, humans can consume between 2 and 3% of the oxygen in the room; while the plant that accompanies us will barely use 0.1%! Conclusion: if sleeping with one or more plants were really dangerous, sharing a bed with another person would lead to suffocation.

In moderation and as long as we don’t transform the room into an urban jungle, which would lead to other problems such as mold, moisture on the wall, dust or mites, sleeping with plants is safe. Clarified: if we want to breathe fresh air, let’s open the windows. And if what we are looking for is to put a piece of nature in the bedroom, we can start with one of these ten plants.

Philodendrons: leaves in the heart and vegetal cascade in the room

If we consider adding plants in the bedroom, we can start with one of these three philodendrons (Philodendron). This plant genus includes a wide variety of species, but this time we are going to focus on heart-leaf philodendrons, due to the geometry of the plants and because they are great for a bedroom with little natural light.

Also, when they grow, these plants tumble down and form a beautiful green waterfall: they look great on a headboard or on a high shelf above the bed. More reasons to consider them in the room: they are easy and fast growing plants. As if there weren’t enough reasons to love them, philodendrons are very easy to propagate or multiply in water, and from a single plant we can get four or five in a few weeks.

These three options are irresistible:

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Keys to make them happy: let’s pay them every 15 days during their growth stage and let the soil dry before we pick up the watering can again. Depending on where we live, one watering a week may be enough.

Pothos: great plant for the bedroom

Other good options for the bedroom are the well-known pothos, since we have many varieties and different patterns to combine, although the most popular and easy to find is the golden pot (Epipremnum aureum). Like philodendrons, they are also perfect for hanging from a shelf above the bed: this cream climber can reach four meters or more. Generous and hard to kill.

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Five other great plants for a dimly lit bedroom

We cannot forget Adam’s rib (delicious monstera), which will wrap dreams in sheets.

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Nor of the marantas Y Calatheas. Pretty plants, easy to fit in any corner of the bedroom and that tolerate low lighting well.

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And if we are looking for a dreamy and resistant vegetable companion, few will measure up as much as the sansevier (Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii), looking like seaweed. Wave ivy (Hedera helix): often thought of as an outdoor plant, but it works great indoors as well, where it becomes a super hardy climber and happy to live in low light. Finally, if what we are looking for is an exotic touch in a dimly lit bedroom, nothing like the silver vine either Scindapsus pictus.

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