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10 exquisite gildas designed to make the aperitif with their respective vermouths

We had in mind to prepare a report on original gildas to make at home and, when we saw the poster of producers who presented themselves to the last Fair of Vermouth and Aperitif Va de Vermut, along with many types of appetizers and musical performances and guided tastings, there we went to catch up and get ideas.

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What would not be our surprise when we meet a Stand specialized in Gildas that starts from the position of a family dedicated since 1965, to all kinds of pickles, salted, smoked, etc., in the Villa de Vallecas market.

The second generation has modernized everything, especially the calculated amalgamation of ingredients and its gourmet presentation, and turned it into Vallekas bombs, lizards and rockets.

And here they share all their ideas to be able to make them, since their mixtures are very elegant or ask them to assemble the aperitif comfortably. With them, we recommend the vermouths that we think harmonize best.

Gilda with jalapeño

It is the classic one with Sevillian Manzanilla olives, pickled Basque piparra, bell pepper and a little not very spicy jalapeño.

Vermouth Olave red It is a vermouth from Tarragona that follows the classic formula of maceration of about 60 botanicals for more than two months, over a Macabeo to make it fresh and herbs and spices predominate. Round and long in the aftertaste without being cloying, like the Reserva with a year of aging, more powerful. 16% vol. 6 euros.

Classic Gilda from anchovy

The typical one, but with Sevillian Manzanilla olives, pickled Basque piparra and Cantabrian anchovies in vinegar.

Classic Turmeon It is an affordable and affordable red for fans of commercial vermouths, but with an Aragonese name. It is like the plate of dried fruits with prunes and figs that the grandmothers put at Christmas both in the nose and in the mouth. 15% Vol. 18.24 euros per liter.

Cod bomb

With green fat olives stuffed with a fine natural smoked cod, plus semi-dried Italian tomato, pickled Basque piparra and bittersweet red pepper tear. Tasty

As this family from Vallekas knows that making vermouth is not their specialty, they have commissioned their own recipe from Muller, in Reus, which has macerated more than 150 Mediterranean botanicals with a variety of select wines, according to the tradition of the house since 1850. On the nose it is very aromatic, highlighting Mediterranean herbs, anise and licorice; and in the mouth it is smooth, balanced sweetness with bitterness, very pleasant for all tastes. 15% vol. 8.90 euros.

Sausage pump

With black fat olive with sausage, extra piquillo pepper, topped with candied padrón pepper and pitted kalamata olive. Exceptional.

We like with him Vermouth Terrània Reserva Mediterrani with ratafia de Lleida, a very typical Catalan walnut liqueur about which we will soon bring you a report. For now, try it with this award-winning artisan vermouth that provides all the power, warmth and essence of the Mediterranean with figs, raisins, herbs and licorice. You will like it if you prefer sweet vermouths. 15% vol. 8.60 euros.

Dalí rocket

It is a Seville Manzanilla olive, pickled Basque piparra, Cantabrian anchovy in vinegar, piquillo, black olive and cooked quail egg, which softens the mixture.

The Pink Bandarra It is a vermouth that comes in like water despite its cloying pink color, but the truth is that it is good, like a dessert or a strawberry candy, just refreshing and perfect to start. 15% vol. 9.95 euros.

Orchard pump

With green fat olive accompanied by artichoke heart, piquillo, candied padrón pepper and bittersweet pearl onion. Good combination.

We pair with Vermouth Cisa Ecofriendly, from the centenary winery Cisa, from the DO Penedés, chosen in the Vinari Awards 2019 as the best vermouth of the year. The base is Macabeo and Parellada and, as botanicals, we find gentian, absinthe, cinnamon, orange peel or lemon peel on the nose. In the mouth, it is delicious, even gastronomic, one of those that do not go unnoticed and you drink without realizing it. 15% Vol. 10 euros.

Mediterranean pump

With black gordal olives with artisan smoked sardines, piquillo peppers, Camporeal cheese, piparra and bittersweet pearl onion. Balanced mix.

Dos Déus DIP Fumat is an exquisite smoked vermouth that follows the tradition of Scottish distillates of toasting the bourbon cask and botanists using charcoal smoke and organic peat, which serves to dry and flavor. Great pair with desserts and cheeses. 15% Vol. 12 euros.

Belly lizard with sweet and sour German-style pickle that hugs a belly of bonito del norte, piquillo, black olive and onion. The vinegar does not stand out!

No passis pena is a collaboration between La Vermutera and 7103 Petit Celler that is born from the Majorcan mantonegro grape macerated for months with 21 botanicals. Aromatically, it gives more sweetness than in the mouth, like German mulled wine with raisins and cinnamon. However, in flavors, bitterness and herbs predominate, for lovers of the most authentic vermouth. 15% Vol. Euros.

Anchovy lizard

Sweet and sour pickle with Cantabrian anchovy, piquillo pepper, black olive and small onion. Incredibly smooth.

Vermouth Astobiza is awarded (surprisingly given its bitterness) as the Best semi-sweet Vermouth in the world at the World Vermouth Awards 2021. It is the first Hondarrabi Zuri grape white, to which they add cereal alcohol with juniper from the London Dry Gin of Astobiza (best Gin de España 2020 at the World Gin Awards), with various bitter herbal botanicals such as the predominant absinthe and grapefruit, which you can balance with the accompanying caramel. 15% vol. 17.95 euros.

Classic Gilda of Cantabrian anchovy Sevillian Manzanilla olive and pickled Basque piparra. Authentic.

Chopped vermouth with gin an Asturian red vermouth made in Ourense, to which they add a little gin to give it a special touch that turns out to be soapy, vanilla, citric, floral, with anise and cinnamon. It reminds of caramel from cuba libre. 15% Vol. 18 euros.

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