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10 leadership lessons to create the future

Lead. Word that the RAE defines as “directing or being at the head of a group”. But beyond this definition, leading is not just being in command of an organization. Leading is empathizing, communicating, motivating, knowing or discovering from different points of view, as was seen on November 26 at the Summit Canal CEO. A meeting led by 20 top executives of reference in the Spanish business horizon that brought together more than 400 professionals in Madrid

Defining the leadership of the present to build the companies of the future was the great challenge addressed by the Summit Canal CEO, a meeting for leaders who they want to redefine the rules and outline and draw the new business horizon. For this, on Friday, November 26, they gathered, via streaming and in person, more than 450 executives in the auditorium of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) on a frenetic morning with the CEOs and experts who best represent the Spanish company today .

Through the 10 competencies of the leader of the future (Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Experience, Sustainability, Sense of Humor, Transformation, Well-being and commitment, Intellect and Communication) they were able to get inspired towards a new form of leadership.

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10 Leadership Lessons from the Summit Canal CEO:

Organizations need to transform with purpose
And one of the ingredients to succeed in the current context and in that transformation is the talent of people. This was pointed out by José María Palomares, Deputy General Manager of the Mutual Society of the Legal Profession: “It is people who create value and humanize brands.”

Talent exists but you have to know how to manage it
Following in the wake of José María Palomares, at the innovation table. Juan Lizariturry, Director of Netwind Foods, pointed out that it is necessary for companies to know how to manage that talent with which they count. For this, it is important to ensure that the team is happy in its work. Because, in the words of Juan Lizariturry in his speech “when you make people happy at work, they give you the best they have inside.”

Purpose has to be always present
Living from your own business is a great challenge that many people are willing to take on to fulfill their dreams. However, entrepreneurship is not just about having the best possible idea. It is a roller coaster of its good and bad days. For Eva García, founder of WIVI, the idea for which you undertook it always has to be the beacon that allows us to move forward in a sea of ​​doubts: “Purpose helps you think why you are there and you are not throwing in the towel.”

We must promote a good corporate culture
If you want better companies, you have to put the focus of attention on the human team that composes them. An organization has to be respectful and collaborative with its members. In this case, the role of the leader is to “foster a corporate culture that can facilitate collaboration and mutual respect and build a structure of trust.” So believes Lorenzo Lorenzo Fiorani, Country Manager of Amplifon in Spain.

The most innovative come out before the crisis
The most innovative companies recover before crises and have higher growth. Jorge Martinez-Arroyo, Founder of Panoramix Ventures and President of the DEC Association, underlines in #SummitCanalCEO, in addition, that this innovation has to be systematic and open.

COVID is a trend accelerator
The arrival of the pandemic in our lives has become a trend driver. Digitization, for example, has become a basic pillar of the business strategy of many SMEs in order to stay afloat. As explained by Fernando Alonso, Director of Companies and Corporations BBVA Spain, not only digitization has been promoted. Sustainability has also been climbing and it is present in the daily lives of many people.

Humor: a competitive advantage for companies
A sense of humor improves the work environment of a company and brings teams together. Humor allows our workers to give their best and improves communication. “The sense of humor creates an environment in your organizations where people have fun working can be a competitive advantage,” said Sergio de la Calle at the Summit Canal CEO.

Not growing is the main cause of death for companies
That there is no sustained growth over time has become the main reason why companies disappear. Tomàs Font, General Manager of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Spain clarified: “It is not only growth in results, but also growth in skills, talent, and communication skills. In short, growth in the broadest sense ”.

Dialogue with employees …
The feedback with the employees of the organization is essential to achieve better and more productive organizations. This dialogue goes through getting the best out of them, through collaboration and team spirit and overcomingn tal y como explicaba Marta Pérez-Leirós, SVP Talent, Learning, Development & Internal Communication de NH Hotel Group.

… and admire the talent of others
“It is an exercise in humility but at the same time intelligence,” said Ricardo Sánchez Butragueño, CEO of Butragueño & Bottländer when talking about this matter. Recognizing other people’s talents and admiring, without egos or envy, allows you to build better companies and, therefore, better leaders.

And an extra learning: Communication always has to be transparent
Fernando Summers, CEO of Rastreator, spoke about how to communicate the best opportunities. For him, communication has to be direct, honest and, above all, transparent. “It is very important to convey what differential you have and what the user is waiting for,” he highlighted.

Speeches from the Summit Canal CEO:

Closure ” Noemí Boza and Manuel Pimentel.

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