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10 Nikkei cuisine restaurants to discover the Peruvian-Japanese fusion throughout Spain

“Nikkei cuisine is, beyond a kitchen, the union of two cultures: the Japanese and the Peruvian,” he defines chef Luis Arévalo, from the Gamán restaurant. Why go further? Because part of it is that “the Japanese emigrants who arrived in Peru at the end of the 19th century found it necessary to adapt to what they had there in order to cook.”

That is why it does not have a traditional recipe book like other European cuisines, but instead has two or three representative recipes and the rest, each chef has given their point of view to create.

To do this, according to Arévalo, who has numerous recognitions and awards for different restaurants that he has opened throughout his career, it is necessary to “have knowledge of both cuisines, I cannot make a fusion of two cuisines without knowing them both. Google is not worth it, I’m worth reading, researching, traveling, eating, trying, living experiences”.

Their essential ingredients, on the Japanese side, are soybeans, kombu seaweed, katsuobushi and rice. And on the Peruvian side, we have citrus fruits, spices, chili peppers, yams, potatoes, since “of 5,000 varieties produced in the world, 3,500 are grown in Peru”; and the fish is in both, in the form of sushi or ceviche, respectively.

The great promoters were the cousins Toshiro Konishi and Nobu Matsuhisa, who, like good itamaes (chefs), “elegantized tiraditos when they opened their Matsuei restaurant in 1968, by giving them an aesthetic with the usuzukuri cut that laminates the finest, transparent fish.” Just the one that dominates now in the good Nikkei restaurants that we present below.

In Madrid

Gamán: it is the mecca, the referent. The lamb gyoza with mirin and cilantro, the chirasi with jalapeño and tobiko emulsion, the warm ceviche with yellow pepper and yuzu, the bacon saam glazed with chicha morada, or the emollient jelly, passion fruit ice cream and cardamom are pure fusion. . But the nigiri will make you cry with emotion.

Lash: in this elegant place in Chueca, the partners, the products and the chef Jorge Rodríguez and the cocktail shaker Alexis Cárdenas are Peruvian. For noon, you can enjoy a menu where you are going to teleport to Lima with the croquette of pure ají de gallina; the anticuchero octopus bao with good sauce, the surai ceviche with sea bass, prawns and a perfect leche de tigre with rocoto sauce; the limeña causa udon volcano on salmon tartare, the sirloin maki flambéed with avocado and the sauteed tenderloin in tender and tasty oyster sauce.

on the mediterranean coast

Nikkei 103: in addition to uramakis such as octopus, scallop or crab nigiris and ceviches or tiraditos, in this restaurant in Barcelona They are great fans of the duck, which you can try with lettuce, chaufa rice or wok sautéed. Other specialties are lomo saltado and tres leches cake. They have a generous menu of the day for 15.90 euros.

Ryoko born from the vision of its chef, Adam V. Boyer. Fusion of cultures and homage to a quality product from his land, Valencia. The same is offered by a Lima cause roll and sushi with fish of the day and soy paper as well as an anticucho of smoked lamb chop with yellow chili, corn puree and Creole salad of onion, chili and cilantro.

The sea of ​​Cholaon the seafront of JaveaAlicante, these two Ecuadorian Chola gastro have opened, under the motto of exotic fusion food, a second space in honor of the cholitas of their homeland to do strictly Nikkei cuisine. In addition to the makis, try the marrow, tuk-tuk, and cheesecake mochis.

Odysseus Red Bar is the beautiful restaurant specializing in Nikkei fusion cuisine of Nazario Cano from his little corner in Murcia. You can take a walk ordering different tapas in Latin America, Japan, the world or, best of all, bet on the Colorao Menu with its welcome cocktail, nigiris trilogy, Lima cause, corn and chili tiraditos, duck gyoza, bao bread, prey anticucho plus dessert.

Ibiza Scoundrel: nikkei fusion in Ibiza under the baton of Roberto Sihuay, gastronomy ambassador of his native Peru. He proposes curiosities such as a banana basket with Iberian cheek, Ibizan herbs and black beer; fried duck confit onigiri with sushi rice, foie gras and huancaina sauce; lamb and shiitake spring roll, low-temperature pancetta bao glazed with carob honey, yakitori chicken taco with Ibizan sobrassada sauce and avocado or grilled octopus anticucho with purple potato and Andean sauce.

In the north

yaku-nikkeiin Donosti, is an establishment opened with a lot of tenacity by a Peruvian couple with extensive experience in their gastronomy well matched with the Japanese, in fact, in their menu it is the majority. Although, they embroider the tiradito and the ceviche of different fish, depending on the day at the fish market, the philamón with yellow chili aioli, the anticuchero octopus that falls in love or the maki cevichado; not to mention their pisco sours.

mistiin Oviedois the restaurant of Daniel Alonso and his wife, Rocío Martínez, who, after many trips, between Andean airs and Asian influences, together with the best raw material of Asturian gastronomy, have achieved authentic cuisine with little things like tuna tiradito red or mussels, suckling kid sweetbreads with foie and passion fruit and heart anticuchos, among other world delicatessen.

Gastronomic Point is a meeting point for Nikkei, Chifa and Peruvian cuisine that comes from the hand of Bolivian Alex Vargas Cuéllar, former chef at Quispe, and Adam Val Bernad from Zaragoza. The BBQ aubergines, the Amazonian oyster, the plantain tortilla patty, Iberian pork, spicy chorizo, chalaca, yellow chili honey or the salted loin with beef tenderloin, crispy Creole potato, Peruvian rice and Nikkei sauce are the best. In Saragossa.

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