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10 recipes for vegetarians, and non-vegetarians, to enjoy the weekend

Vegetarianism is a nutritional style and even a philosophy that does not: it does not include tuna or ham in the vegetable sandwich, because basically vegetarians do not eat meat or fish. Unlike vegans, they do eat other derivatives of animals, such as dairy or eggs. Which gives a lot of play when cooking.

10 recipes you can make with eggs during the fall

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And, in addition, it allows the preparation to be simpler, since it is not necessary to use dozens of ingredients to make, for example, a vegetable burger; Instead, with the most basic foods that nature offers, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, legumes, herbs, sauces, milk, cheeses, yogurts and those versatile eggs, you can cook everything quite simply.

This is precisely what caught our attention from Paula Sumasi, who studied Tourism in the Autonomous Region of Barcelona but, as during confinement he discovered that gastronomy was his vocation, he enrolled in Eshob to study cooking. And, since then, he has succeeded on Instagram with the videos of his recipes because, in four steps, he marks some dishes with a delicious pint that he has seen fit to give us for this section.


  • Mix three eggs, two egg yolks, 100 ml of milk, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of oregano, salt and pepper, until everything is well integrated.
  • Add the mixture to a removable curly pan and bake at 180 degrees for eight minutes.
  • We remove it from the oven and add five or six figs and 50 g of goat cheese, plus a splash of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).
  • We bake a couple more minutes.
  • To finish, we add fresh parsley.

Coli-rice three delights

  • We mash a raw cauliflower in a processor until the texture of the rice is left and we reserve.
  • We cut two or three carrots in brunoise.
  • We cut a tender onion, both the green and the white part.
  • We beat four or five eggs.
  • In a casserole, sauté the green part of the spring onion, with a little bit of EVOO. We add the egg and mix everything well.
  • Add the rest of the spring onion, the carrot and 30 g of peas. Sauté for about 10 minutes.
  • Add the cauliflower and a teaspoon of sugar, a splash of oyster sauce and season.


  • In a frying pan, fry a kilo of diced aubergines. When they take color, we reserve.
  • In the same pan, sauté two onions cut into large pieces. We will add three or four peeled and grated tomatoes and four cut tomatoes. Let it evaporate and add a good handful of capers and another of olives.
  • We will add a tablespoon of sugar, a splash of apple cider vinegar and salt.
  • To finish we add the aubergines that we have previously reserved to the mixture.

Carbonara without meat

  • In a bowl, we put two egg yolks and two tablespoons of Parmesan or Pecorino cheese. We mix it well and reserve.
  • We boil 200 g of spaghetti.
  • In a casserole, we sauté the mushrooms. We add a ladle of the cooking water.
  • When the spaghetti is al dente, strain them and add them to the casserole with the mushrooms.
  • Finally we add the egg yolks mixture and mix it well.
  • Season with salt and pepper and, to accompany it, we can add a little more cheese.

Pistachio hummus

  • Crush all the ingredients in a food processor: 300 g of cooked chickpeas, the juice of a lemon, a good handful of peeled pistachios, half a glass of water, a clove of garlic, EVOO, Maldon or flake salt and pepper to taste.
  • Plate and, if you want, you can add some chopped pistachios to decorate.

Rancher eggs

  • First, we cook 295 g of beans. Once they are cooked, we blend them to obtain a fine paste. You can lighten it by adding cooking liquid from the beans until it has the consistency of a thick cream.
  • Cover the bottom of a non-stick frying pan with plenty of oil and heat it over medium-low heat.
  • We poach eight tortillas lightly in hot oil to soften them and prevent them from breaking when covered with the beans.
  • We fry two eggs over medium heat.
  • We place two tortillas on a plate and cover them with the eggs and bathe everything with the bean paste.
  • Sprinkle 60 g of fresh cheese on top.

Avocado risotto and wild asparagus

  • First we heat a liter of vegetable broth in a pot.
  • We mash a large avocado or two small ones with a little EVOO.
  • In a saucepan, we put a little EVOO and add a clove of garlic, minced and an onion cut in brunoise.
  • When the onion and garlic take color, add a handful of chopped wild asparagus and a handful of mushrooms. We mix everything well.
  • We add 400 g of Bomba rice and we cream it for a couple of minutes.
  • We add 200 ml of white wine and let it evaporate.
  • We add the crushed avocado and mix it well.
  • We begin to add the broth in batches, first we put two ladles and we mix again. In a couple of minutes, we add more broth and mix, so on. It is very important to mix constantly so that we have a creamy texture.
  • To finish, add a piece of butter, mix well and add some pieces of Parmesan cheese. To give it a final touch, we add a little bit of nutmeg.

Coli-Cuban rice

  • In a food processor, we mash a small raw cauliflower until the texture of rice is left.
  • Sauté the crushed cauliflower with a little EVOO.
  • In a plate, we will put the coliarroz and add the tomato sauce
  • We fry an egg and add it on top.

Zucchini carpaccio

  • We cut a zucchini with a mandolin so that it is very thin.
  • On a plate, we put the zucchini slices and add the grated tomato, EVOO, salt, oregano, Parmesan and a handful of chopped walnuts.

Vegan truffles

  • We crush, in a processor, 230 g of cooked chickpeas, 230 of hazelnut butter, 60 g of cocoa powder, 100 g of coconut sugar until everything is well integrated.
  • We make some small balls and place them on a tray with greaseproof paper. We put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  • We melt 200 g of dark chocolate with two teaspoons of coconut oil in the microwave in 20 second intervals so that it does not burn.
  • We dip the truffles in the melted chocolate and sprinkle a little cinnamon powder.

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