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10 Spanish markets that preserve their essence to buy and eat luxury

There are several markets where, suddenly, it was unaffordable for us to enter for fear of the saber, something that goes against its founding principles: to offer affordable products for the majority of the population.

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But, seeing the goose that lays the golden eggs in the tourists who came to see their food stalls and their architecture, some became exclusive gourmet centers where the employees themselves could no longer even have breakfast.

Here we bring you ten that maintain their function and the daily life of their neighbors, but offer delicious and varied gastronomic offers to eat after shopping.

one. La Boqueria in Barcelona

We owe first place to the original Mercado de San Josep because, in addition to its first traces dating back to 1217, it was surely the first to open mythical bars such as Pinotxo Bar or El Quim de la Boquería, for the stallholders themselves and for the customers. And, with the throng of tourists, they were so successful that many that followed, such as El Ramblero de la Boquería, Universal kiosk, Bar Clemen’s, Bar Central (which has 3 locations), Bar Boquería or Kiosko Modern. (La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona).

two. Vallehermoso Market

This market has become one of the most pleasant in Madrid, along with the Anton Martin Market and to that of Saint Ferdinand in Lavapies. And at their stalls, where you can sit down and eat food or bring drinks from almost everyone else, you can find everything from snails, to cheese boards or products from Madrid and grilled beef or Argentine meat, croquettes, cured meats, or cod specialties and Canarian products, to Japanese, Mexican or Korean food and, finally, Tripea, Roberto Martínez Foronda’s restaurant that has the Bib Gourmand Michelin. (C. de Vallehermoso, 36, 28015 Madrid)

3. Fair Market in Seville

Around the central gourmet restaurant called Lonja de Feria, where they serve homemade dishes with seafood and fish a tutti plein, you have other stalls such as pizza or fresh pasta, La Cantina bar, with seafood, as well as La Almadraba, a hamburger restaurant, Sushi Eñe, the Condedé gastrobar, the Negrete 1984 charcuterie and cheese shop or Iberian Luxury, with oils and wines, among others. Around it there are also several bars with Sevillian life to give and take. (Fair, s/n, 41003 Seville)

Four. Santiago Food Market

Located in restaurant number five, you will find everything from the octopus at Pulpería Abastos, traditional Galician food made at Casa Millán, the curious Japanese with tapas and gourmet wok at Taberna Abastos; the countryside brought to the kitchen of Frebas and, by contrast, to Ostrería, experts in seafood. Amoado will delight you with its pancakes with a personal touch and, in Mariscomanía, they cook freshly bought shellfish and fish for a small percentage. You drink the wines there and you all win. (Rúa das Ameas, s/n, 15704 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña)

5. Central Market of Valencia

From its origins in 1839 to 1928, an entire architectural work had to be done whose domes, made of iron, glass and ceramics, make it “The Cathedral of the Senses”, pure effervescence of both buyers and gastronomes who share and even line up waiting for its bars to be released, such as the highly requested Central bar by Ricard Camarena, Pizarro tasters, El Palomo meals, La Moderna tortillas or Pucherito Verde, Mediterranean flavor; to take or carry most of them. (Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, s/n, 46001 Valencia).

6. Zaragoza Central Market

Since its inauguration on Saint John’s Day in 1903, this work, for which Félix Navarro was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, has preserved its modernist metal structures and locksmiths, stone sculptures with agricultural motifs or enameled plaques for guilds. After its rehabilitation, we can enjoy its retail stalls and the four hospitality spaces of the so-called “Rombo Zentral: Matiné, Mambo, Mixtura and Museo, which offer everything from breakfast and snacks to dinner. (Av. Cesar Augusto, 110, 50003 Zaragoza).

7. Central Market of Atarazanas in Malaga

In its beginnings it was the main Nasrid shipyard in the area at the time of Mohammed V. You will feel like shopping at many of its stalls, but throughout the premises there are several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the flavors, textures and colors Malaga gastronomy such as Happy Fish, Bar Casa Guirado, Marisquería El Yerno, Bar Central, with fried fish seafood fish and grilled seafood including paellas in its different venues; Atarazanas market coffee bar, Medina bar or El Cartuchito fried fish. (C. Atarazanas, 10, 29005 Malaga).

8. La Ribera Gastro Plaza in Bilbao

What a great idea to finally take advantage of El Mercado de la Ribera to dedicate an entire floor to gastronomic stalls with specialties to choose between fresh fish from the Bay of Biscay from Casa Loren, omelettes and egg derivatives, fried foods from the south of You have me fried; delicious croquettes and exquisite fried foods, gildas, piparras and crickets from La Bodeguilla; hamburgers and sandwiches from Gloria Bendita, pastas, pizzas and rice dishes from Pastirroz; Joselito and duck products from Txerri Duck… And, to drink, Arambarri beers, vermouths and cocktails such as those from Bermutería; or wines, cavas, cheeses and preserves from Enoteca by Cvne. (Erribera Kalea, 22, 48005 Bilbao, Bizkaia)

9. Val Market in Valladolid

Built in the late 1880s in iron Parisian style, it was remodeled in 1980 and is now fashionable in the city of National Pintxos and Tapas Contest the gastro stalls of very varied gastronomy, from the most typical products of Valladolid to exotic delicacies such as Gure Txoko, El Cerezal, El Fiel, El Mercado del Trigo, Hermanos Hoyos, La Provinciana, Menganita de Cual or Sushimore. (C. Sandoval, s/n, 47003 Valladolid)

10. Cadiz Food Market

Be sure to enter through the Doric portico of the neoclassical quadrilateral plaza proposed by Torcuato Benjumeda to suddenly come across the 54 fresh fish and seafood stalls that will blow your mind. And then you go out to the porches of the Gastronomic Corner to choose what to eat, between the Gadisushi, the cheese shop, the rice stand or the one specialized in eggs, the brewery, and, of course, the wine shop, where you can choose the wines by the glass or bottle and take them wherever you want or eat their caps there. (Plaza de la Libertad, S/N, 11005 Cádiz)

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