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10 sweet vermouths of all colors that will take away the prejudice of bitterness

The vermouths are back with a bang to give infinite different nuances to our appetizers, so, if you were left with the idea in your youth of those bitter flavors, to which the palates have to get used little by little, in this selection we are going to show you that now they are making the most sweet and attractive vermouths without being cloying.

As explained in the University of Vermudawhose mission is to spread the culture of vermouth from its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​where you can even sign up for courses to compose your own vermouth, “the base of vermouth is usually a white wine because it allows much more play with the macerations of the botanicals, and then caramel or food coloring is added to give them other shades in the color palette.”

But beware, because vermouths based on red wine or generous ones from Montilla Moriles or from the Jerez area are already being marketed. You can even find pink ones on our list.

red vermouths

Vermouth VRMT Robles

It is one of the most delicious vermouths on the market, made from organic Oloroso aged for eight years in barrels, of the Pedro Ximenez variety from the DO Montilla Moriles, with a recipe from Bodegas Robles in collaboration with the chef with two Michelin stars, Paco Morales. You will notice the vanilla, the honey and even the quince, but without weighing it down, really, it is drunk on its own. The one liter bottle costs 14.95 euros.

Alvear Red Vermouth

Due to the color you could perfectly think that it is a typical Pedro Ximénez from Montilla Moriles, but the truth is that, to that base of wine, they have added aromatic plants and that is where its fragrance and that sweet, caramel flavor come from, but in perfect balance. with the herbaceous and the nuts that remain on the palate. 13.99 euros a bottle which, by the way, has changed its label (for the better).

Vermouth The Cup

It arises from the recipe collected in the endless historical archives of González Byass, which preserves references to the company’s vermouth since 1896, to the design they have maintained to give even more tradition to this coupage of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez with spicy botanicals that noticeable in the aroma of Holy Week and in its orange and spicy flavor, pure velvet in 75cl bottle for 8.30 eurosalthough they have packs of up to six bottles.

Vermouth Francisco de Cala

Made with a combination of fortified wines from the Jerez region, Oloroso and PX, macerated with their botanicals in barrels, although they will never give you the secret formula. But you will be fascinated by the amount of nuances of herbs, citrus, caramel bouquet and touches of vanilla and a very well balanced bitterness. 47.99 euros three bottles.

Vermouth Perucchi Il Giovane

It is the latest creation of the Perucchi house to adapt to the new times, with easier flavors, sweet without falling into the cloying but avoiding those serious and bitter touches that characterized most of its line of vermouths from an emigrated Italian family. to Catalonia whose founder supposedly stars on the label of the modern bottle, where he looks like a bearded hipster. The bottle for 8.46 euros.

rosé vermouth

Bandarra rosé vermouth

While El bandarra blanco is like drinking a vanilla ice cream with spices, this one is like a candy, without being cloying, you will surely like it if you are just starting out in the world of vermouth. 9.95 euros per liter.

Lustau rosé vermouth

Any Lustau vermouth is a guaranteed success with the fortified Sherry wines as a base, specifically, produced by Bodegas Grupo Caballero. This one has a coppery color that seems to be a prelude to how good it tastes, sweet, elegant, with very polished citrus touches as if you were sucking on candy, the spices that are the protagonists of the aftertaste and even the very long aftertaste. A wonder that costs 25.99 euros.

White Vermouth

Olive White

It is like a vanilla ice cream on the nose, lactic, soft, sweeter than sack or bitter, since it only aims to be pleasant on the palate, to serve as an accompaniment to be able to have more with friends and with gastronomy. The winemaker’s claim is “that you don’t load in such a way that you can’t take any more after half a glass.” The bottle for 14.93 euros.

Petroni white

It is sweet, very easy, fun, very floral on the nose, very acceptable for anyone who does not like vermouth. Red Petroni is more powerful on the nose and on the palate, for those who have long been fond of vermouth. 16.75 euros is its price.


It is made with white Garnacha Blanca grapes and aromatic plants following the tradition of the famous Reus vermouth, enriched with 19 highly balanced botanicals in its composition. That is why it is so good, with just the right bitterness, on the sweet side, very spicy and balsamic. The bottle costs 15.29 euros.

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