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11 authentic restaurants with Catalan cuisine beyond the calçots

We have already compiled here some Catalan restaurants for the rest of the State, but the really difficult thing has been to make this selection among the dozens of traditional food houses that deserve, today as yesterday, a visit. Even with only eleven chosen, it is going to be difficult for you to decide.

In Barcelona capital

Ca l’Estevet

There it is, since 1890, unscathed in the face of the adventures and misadventures of the Raval and the pandemics and crises that have occurred and to have, this restaurant that is run by the Ros Cabot family with excellent professionalism and a generous menu of less than 30 euros in which There are plenty of dishes on the typical menu to be desired: cap and squid in salad or in sanfaina, snails to lick with their aioli, Lluçanès duck confit with orange, tender cod a la llauna or Paris sauce, which also goes with the entrecote or the sirloin; or meatballs with cuttlefish and prawns.


It is the work and grace of Albert Llopart, whose father adopted a small bar in 1946 and, in the 60s, he expanded it by joining it to an old coal factory and, since then, this emblematic winery continues there in whose bar they drink ‘carafetas’ or’ porronets ‘. At noon, some 30 specialties in generous quantities and for a quality price of other times, with daily proposals such as stewed calf, cannelloni, rice, fricandó, tripe or cod.

7 Portes

A centenary classic that vindicates “endangered dishes” such as veal fricandó with seasonal mushrooms and mountain herbs, venison filleted in both wines with mashed potatoes, onions and candied chestnuts; Traditional cannelloni, cod with Ms. Carmen’s garlic muslin or monkfish with garlic with clams and potatoes or La Barquera accompanied by aioli, Catalan spinach or escudella for Christmas.


From Roger Viñas and Chesco Salrach, it offers, both in bites and to share, some typical dishes such as dried with cod tripe and còdium seaweed, chickpea stew with leather and pork tail; cap i squid with cuttlefish or pig’s trotters with romesco, garlic and mushrooms; Cabbage cream with coll bacon with tailpiece, sonsos (a kind of chanquetitos) Caprese, lamb with garlic sauce and toasted bread with herbs or rabbit ear rice, which are included in the tasting menu. It stings the pocket but everything is very tasty.

Can Culleretes

It is the oldest restaurant in Barcelona, ​​as evidenced by its modernist decoration and its proposals for Catalan market cuisine with its traditional successes that have made the restaurant famous: the 1786 Special Menu and the Agut-Manubens Family Menu.

Think sausages with beans, Catalan suckling pig, wild boar civet, cod “a la llauna”, pig’s feet, cannelloni “the usual ones”, duck stewed with plums, warm roast beef with goat cheese, eggs on the plate or, For dessert, Catalan cream. To salivate …

Can Vilaró

It has maintained its authenticity for more than a century, although the last family, which is now in the third generation in the business, has been respecting its traditional recipe book for almost 55 years with star proposals for offal as a portion of tripe or tripe and cap i pota with plastered chickpeas or cerebritos; dishes of the day such as roasted rabbit a les Hierbas de la Segarra, sweet veal with potatoes and meatballs with mushrooms. For dessert, proposals such as Can Flori flan and the typical mel i mató.

In the Maresme, supercatalans

Restaurant Collsacreu

In Arenys de Munt, they offer the typical toast with roasted vegetables and anchovies, snails a la llauna, homemade cannelloni, beans with peas, Olot potato or battered or baked kid. They also make grilled meats such as lamb, pig’s feet or rabbit, which you still prefer stewed with snails or sanfaina. In season, the stuffed apples from Sant Martí stand out.

Can Suñé

In Caldes d’Estrac, in the Maresme, it surprises with its cocas de recapte, cold starters such as the farcellets of cod brandade with roast beef and olivada mousse or the carpaccio of pork feet with broad beans shrimp and mushroom vinaigrette with foie flakes ; the marinated and foie tubs or the octopus casseroles with beans from the hook, prawns and clams, the romescada with monkfish, hake, prawns, clams, mussels and potatoes with a touch of romesco; more meat or rice and fideuas.

For other regions

El Celler de Matadepera

In the Vallés Occidental region, it is one of the most recognized restaurants in Catalonia, founded by the exquisite chef Lluís Bernils Sr., who has been supported in his culinary arts by his two sons, Ricard and Pau Bernils.

In its cozy space, which begins with a pleasant terrace with coals and welcomes you with the warmth of stone in the Dollhouse, or in its elegant dining room, you can try various menus: tapas, embers or gastronomic. Or choose à la carte with very Catalan classics such as roast chicken cannelloni, veal fricandó, grilled rice with pork ribs or Ganxet PDO beans with black sausage.

Ferrer de Tall

In Vilanova de Sau, Osona region, it has maintained the Can Ferrer family tradition, standing since 1964, thanks to the work of Lidia Mongay together with Núria Herrero and Joan Riera. To which they added the hyper-professional touch of chef Maria Nicolau in 2017.

In its seasonal menu, for 22 euros, you have delicacies to choose between spinach coca, roasted tomato, blood sausage and roast juice; roast cannelloni, crispy roasted porchetta casserole or roast duck, chicken and peach sausage casserole; calf tail and potato cake and llardons; Game stew of roe deer or wild boar, sea and mountain of pig’s trotters with crayfish or pilotilles with calamarsets.

Restaurant Gaia

It is a traditional restaurant located in the middle of nature since 1974, when Daniel and Montserrat founded it in the Rectory of Gaià, Bages region. Some 47 years later, the Trías Campoy brothers continue to offer grilled meat made with a natural wood fire and accompanied by the secret recipe for aioli, as well as roast vegetables, calçots, piquillo peppers stuffed with cod brandade, snails, cannelloni or trotter stews or pork and duck cheeks with pears or mushrooms, apart from sweet panellets.

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