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11 “blancs de noirs” to discover your potential from 4.65 euros

Surely, it will be strange to see on a label of a bottle of white wine the name of a variety such as tempranillo or bobal. But there is nothing strange behind it, as it is a production technique that consists in avoiding any contact time of the skins with the must once the red grapes have been pressed so that they do not give it any color.

11 white wines from viognier grapes that will seduce you

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There is no mystery, since the pulp of the grapes is always white, the only thing that has that red color is the skin. In some cases, a harmless activated carbon is used to eliminate the coloring particles and thus leave a crystalline white.

The technique was invented in the French region of Champagne and it is usually applied to champagnes, cavas and sparkling wines in general, but we have found a few calm whites (without bubbles) that will allow you to taste them and enjoy the power of a red wine with the freshness of a white fresh from the fridge. Taking advantage of the last blows of the heat to the fullest.

From 4.65 euros

Blanc de Noir Señorío de Iniesta

Perhaps it should be called “Transparente de bobal” because the dark and powerful bobal loses all its color thanks to the intervention of the Señorío de Iniesta winemaker, Eduardo Blanco, who has managed to make it with all the structure of a red wine and the subtlety in the mouth of a Refreshing and light white, ideal for drinking, without the need to eat anything. IGP Wines of the Land of Castilla. 13% vol. 4.65 euros.

Tempranillo White 2020

It is the miracle of Pago del Vicario, in Ciudad Real, which picks the tempranillo when it has not yet finished maturing to achieve the acidity of a white, long and refreshing. That is why on the nose and in the mouth it is citric, something salty on the tip of the tongue. 14% vol. 5.33 euros.

Clot D´Encis Blanc De Noirs

It is a white from Agrícola Sant Josep, DO Terra Alta, so specialists in the different types of Grenache that they have managed to turn an ink into this white that will not remind you of anything. For starters, it is much more herbaceous and floral, somewhat citrusy, like mandarin orange.

In addition, it is powerful in the mouth, extra dry, do not expect the expression of red and black fruits of the Garnacha because you will only find white fruits, with a corpulence and forcefulness that is coupled with any meal. 13% vol. 6.21 euros. You can buy it here.

Red Garnacha Tramuntanart

From the Cooperativa Agrícola Garriguella, DO Empordá, it is a very gastronomic blanc de noirs that will surprise you because it leaves the red Grenache, which is usually sweet and very powerful, in a soft, elegant and subtle white of only 13% vol. 6.75 euros.

Blanc de Boira 2018

It is a delight from Celler Mas Ramoneda, DO Costers del Segre, also from Grenache black, which leaves a gray tone to white and fruity aromas. In the mouth it enters with impetus, strolls with elegance and ends smoothly, very well balanced. You can drink it with everything. 13% vol. 7.90 euros.

Talva 2018 white Fermented in barrel

Limited edition that blends the white varieties Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc with the autochthonous Garnacha Tinta and Tempranillo made as white of blacks, selected from the vineyard of the Pago del Vicario property.

Aromatically, there is a lot of ripe fruit, vanilla and wood; but in the mouth it is wide and fresh like fennel and pineapple, as well as powerful and unctuous, powerful, very gastro; with cheerful acidity but without losing its sapidity. 13.5% Vol. 8.53 euros.

From 10 euros

Garnacha blanc de noir UN Nocturna Grape

Limited edition of Bodegas Ejeanas, IGP Ribera del Gállego-Cinco Villas, made with red garnacha that macerates for 12 hours and finishes the fermentation on lees in French oak barrels.

You will be surprised to feel the red fruit notes of the Garnacha on the nose, taking a fresh white that is fruity, somewhat floral and agile, but with the forcefulness of a good, well-rounded and refined red that you would like to not end. 13.5% Vol. It’s a show for those 10 euros.

Sota els angels Flow 2019 blanc

From Clos Terroir, it is another wonderful limited edition of blanc de noirs based on Carignan grapes, with a very peculiar color, oxidative tone, from the biodynamic winery Sota els Àngles, in the DO Empordà.

It is aged for six months in stainless steel on its fine lees, which make it aromatically intense, balsamic and floral, as well as very curious on the palate, due to its honeyed and aniseed touches, as well as fruit trees. 12.5% ​​Vol. 10-11 euros.

Marges 2018 (Blanc de negres)

It is the work of the Son Vich de Superna winery in Mallorca, which harvests mantonegro and tempranillo with great care to prevent the skins from breaking and transmitting color to the wine. It is very tropical on the nose and somewhat spicy. In the mouth, it has that salinity of the proximity to the sea, extra-fresh, sinuous and seductive. 13.5% Vol. 12 euros.

The Storyteller

It is a 2018 Tempranillo from PradoRey, a jewel with nine months on lees and nine in American oak barrels, where all that vanilla and ripe fruit on the nose comes from. In the mouth, it is honeyed, unctuous, deep and delicious. 13.5% Vol. 16.90 euros.

Bobal Blanco White wine 2019 by Pepe Hidalgo

From Vicente Gandía, DO Utiel – Requena, it is almost transparent and, in aromas, it expresses the same strength of the Valencian bobal, with its intensity and unctuousness, but on the palate it is much lighter and refreshing.

Now, you will notice that it is not a usual young white but that it has much more intensity and, in turn, the acidity is perfect for a white, that is, all in one. 12% vol. 16.99 euros.

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