Saturday, September 30

11 board games of different themes for you to enjoy with your family or friends

Board games are the ideal gift, because, if you give it to whoever you give it to, you can always share them later to spend some of the most entertaining afternoons during all the parties. However, if at home you celebrate the Three Kings more, you will also guarantee yourself some hilarious after-dinner parties during the rest of the year.

There are games for all tastes and ages, although the most successful are always the classics of a lifetime, not in vain, many have been updated with versions more adapted to our time, even automated, and the knowledge of new generations.

So since there are thousands of board games on the market, you can always browse the Web, the app or the physical stores of El Corte Inglés throughout Spain, where they have them all and many more than you would think exist. And what can you finance without interest.

  1. Monopoly Rustic, by Hasbro, is a rustic version of the classic Monopoly of a lifetime for you to show off with your family and friends, as it comes with a wooden board, bronze pawns, houses, hotels and wooden dice, so that those memories of the childhood playing with the whole family on Sundays have more consistency while promoting sociability and intelligence. € 31.99 € 39.95 -20%
  2. Electronic passwordfrom Famosa is a fun way to emulate the contestants on the popular television show. The idea is that you form two teams and guide you around the board, which indicates which of the two teams is playing. On the screen, you will see the failures and successes, as well as the time left to answer the letters. Let’s see who gets all the questions on the final rosco right! Don’t forget to buy the batteries. € 59.95
  3. Game Who is who?, from Hasbro, is the typical game of all childhoods. His characters maintain the charm of always, in fact, children and adults, when we play again, we continue to have fun eliminating characteristics until we are left to the limit and play it heads or tails. A very funny way to get away. € 15.99 € 23 -30%
  4. BrainBox Harry Potter It is a mental challenge for Harry Potter fans, as you have to look at a card for 10 seconds and remember every detail to answer the questions that are asked below. € 16.99
  5. Sloppy Plumber, from Hasbro, is ideal for fostering skill, especially for the little ones, as they will have to give the sloppy plumber a hand by placing the 10 tools in the box on their belt, trying to prevent them from dropping due to their weight onto the floor and showered them all by splashing water around the sink. The Plumber wins in Straits who does not wet anyone. € 18.99 € 23.95 -20%
  6. 3D puzzle wooden toys, from El Corte Inglés, has nine different models to break your head by fitting the 3D pieces in bamboo material, ideal for exercising intelligence and manual skill, having an entertaining time without thinking about anything other than the solution. € 7.95
  7. HASBRO Risk Rustic, from Hasbro, is another strategic game with many psycho-pedagogical virtues, because, with its armies, you have to find the best strategy on the vintage-inspired wooden board to conquer the enemy. And it comes in a premium rustic wooden box that is great to give as a gift and look good. € 37.99 € 46.95 -19%
  8. Bingo XLby El Corte Inglés. Do not miss the good habits of singing the two ducklings or the pretty girl. This in particular is an XXL Premium model, in which a ball comes out automatically in each turn of the drum and comes with 48 cards and 90 indelible balls. An unparalleled specimen! € 24.95
  9. Electronic chess, from El Corte Inglés, is a great way to start practicing the mental sport of chess. It includes a sensitive keyboard, 64 levels of difficulty in four different styles of play with different levels depending on the experience of the two players. And it brings even the training mode and the multi-movement function, with all the functions applied by the most expert international players. € 39.95
  10. Trivial Pursuit Family, from Hasbro, is another of the classics to play to see who has more general culture in the family, super fun to see the piques and the glorious or absurd answers until filling the cheeses and being the team that knows the most (this time). € 31.99 € 35.95 -11%
  11. Automatic Parcheesi and Goose, by El Corte Inglés, it is a double board in which, on the one hand, you play Parcheesi and, turning it around, the Goose. So that your children know how we had a good time as children as a family, but with certain technological advances. € 17.95

And if you want more gift ideas, you will always have thousands of Christmas gift proposals among which to find the most optimal.