Sunday, April 2

11 members of Dominican Don’t Play arrested, including three implicated in Usera’s murder

The Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal organization belonging to the Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) gang based in the provinces of Toledo and Madrid, three of them allegedly involved in the murder of a 25-year-old man last Saturday in the neighborhood of Usera (Madrid).

The Court of Instruction number 7 of Illescas (Toledo), which has coordinated the operation, has ordered the entry into provisional prison for six of those arrested, including the three alleged perpetrators of Usera’s murder. These three detainees are charged with the crime of homicide as alleged perpetrators of the murder of a 25-year-old man of Colombian origin on February 5 in the district of Usera, a criminal action that would have been orchestrated within the DDP.

Intervention of machetes, drugs and money

As reported by the Civil Guard, eleven members of the DDP have been arrested and there are another 13 under investigation from this criminal organization based mainly in these two provinces and also in Valladolid. They have been seized with simulated weapons, “a large number of white weapons” such as machetes and knives, a significant amount of narcotic substances and tools for their preparation and distribution.

The agents have also seized “large sums of cash”, counterfeit money, abundant material related to the gang and crimes committed within it, as well as documentation and numerous electronic information storage devices that will be analyzed. by police specialists.

The judicial authority has ordered the entry into provisional prison of six of the defendants, who are added to the five investigated who were already inmates for an attempted homicide. The Armed Institute maintains that it is one of the “most violent and bloodthirsty” groups.

‘Operation Bacano’ has been carried out by a hundred agents from the Information Group of the Toledo Civil Guard Command, and the UCE-3 of the Information Headquarters, supported by the Information Groups of the Madrid and Valladolid. It has also had the collaboration of Penitentiary Institutions, since the searches have also been carried out in several cells of the Ocaña I Penitentiary Center.

In this case, crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, homicide, illicit association, crimes against people, robberies with violence and intimidation, trafficking and illegal possession of weapons (including firearms), crimes against public health and currency counterfeiting are investigated. , among others.

Operation started in 2020

According to the Civil Guard, the operation dates back to proceedings in Toledo in September 2020, within the ‘Operation Coyote’. In May 2021, five arrests related to DDP have already been carried out due to their relationship with an alleged crime of attempted aggravated homicide of a criminal group for ideological reasons.

Among these detainees a year ago, all of them currently in provisional prison, is the leader of the DDP choir in Seseña (Toledo), who is considered to have continued to give guidelines for the operation of this criminal organization from prison.

The Armed Institute highlights that DDP is a group with “high criminal intensity, very organized and hierarchical, very rigorous in the fulfillment of its criminal missions and with a strong internal discipline.” They also underline the police concern for the recruitment of minors and the relationship between the choirs that perform in the Toledo area and the Community of Madrid.