Wednesday, July 6

11 must-have toys for kids to enjoy outdoors or by the pool this summer

Children’s games are a great way to entertain children and with them their imagination, their development, their agility, fun physical activity are stimulated … Today there is no need to settle for the bucket and the shovel, there are many toys , games, downloadable, videos and activities that you can easily find in the El Corte Inglés toy catalog, thanks to the myriad of ideas, specialized brands, categories, a playground and even a toy laboratory where you can see El Corte Inglés toys with augmented reality.

Here we propose the ones that will surprise you, because none of us ever during our childhood imagined that they could come into being.

And surely they can solve the summer and make your children happy, who will not stop for a single moment.

Soccer set: Throughout our lives we have seen how kids and not so youngsters improvised a soccer field on the sand with some gear that they found among the adults’ belongings. But now with these cones they can mark the goal and the field of play and then hit the foam ball until they get tired. It costs 9.95 euros

El Corte Inglés Golf Set: if you have a garden or are on a beach or in the countryside, this blue or orange cart with its clubs and the golf ball is ideal for children to enjoy this sport and take advantage of it to exercise their swing or sharpen their aim . Surely older people are tempted to play games with them and, if it is not a discipline that you play a lot in the family, it is a good way to introduce yourselves. 12.95 euros

Basketball Fire El Corte Inglés: this base with basket, ball and inflator allows you to play basketball anywhere, because it can either be hung on a door or put on the floor so that they can shoot until they are used up, 19.95 euros

Luminous camber: what boy or girl does not like to jump rope, and more if, when they do, the rope turns out to be magical and emits super cool lights. There are several models to choose from, but all of them are good for fun, without forgetting that jumping rope is an exercise that can help children to test themselves and overcome their limit of vigor. It will also contribute to make them more agile and flexible, 6.95 euros

Bizak Wubble Tiny Bubble: This toy looks like a bubble but is played with it like a ball. They will be able to kick it, pound it, squeeze it, throw it, bounce it, or sit on it. It is available in six colors to choose from. Come on, it’s not going to give them game and vitality. 9.95 euros

Yoyo Infinity: A yo-yo with LED lights? Yes, and both sides light up when rotating, generating an infinite mirror effect. What’s more, it lets you do a ton of tricks, is reactive, and comes back to hand with minimal wrist play, leaving all the little ones freaking out. And promoting, without realizing it, an improvement in coordination and reflexes, increased agility and patience. It is strong and durable to last all summer and is in blue, red or green. 14.95 euros

Skip it fusion with Bizak lap counterThese two different models of the Skip It Lap Counter are super cool and will drive you crazy when you can start spinning and counting up to 1,000 jumps without having to worry about keeping track. It is enough that they have a lot of energy, it is a very dynamic activity. 19.95 euros

Goliath Games Phlat Plat: Disco and ball at the same time, isn’t it incredible? You can throw it flat like a puck and catch it like a ball because it spreads out in midair, a good reflex exercise. And the same versatility allows it to be conveniently stored in the backpack to play anywhere, whether in the pool, on the beach, in the garden, in the mountains, etc. Give them a choice of four different colors: red, blue, green, and orange. 14.99 euros.

The crazy rings ECI: a curious case with a low bearing, five poles and six rings so that they can play hitting with more or less distance according to their age, the available space and skills such as marksmanship. To compete, it is clear. 18.95 euros

Turtle Twister El Corte Inglés: This sprinkler in the shape of a turtle will fascinate the little ones when they can play with water, which is what they love the most, or take a shower to get rid of the heat and sweat. Ideal for terraces or gardens without a pool. 9.95 euros

Game Catch The Octopus ECI: a fun game to go catch the octopus in the pool by following the track by the light; This way they will dive and jump into the water like crazy to be the first to catch it, so they will stay active all summer. 4.95 euros