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11 streaming video game adaptations to put up with the wait until the next episodes of ‘Arcane’

Next week the first season of ‘Arcane’ concludes and you may be biting your nails. Netflix’s decision not to favor the full-season binge and split the broadcast into three blocks is killing you. But we have the solution: a few adaptations of other hit videogames to quell the craving. Not all of them are as brilliant as ‘Arcane’, but addictions are like that. These are the? Video game adaptations to turn to via streaming and immediately.

‘Double Dragon’

Along with ‘Super Mario Bros’ (which is currently not on any platform), forms the eternal duo of examples of early films that adapted video games without much success. However, their fame precedes them, because in both cases they are funny nonsense with sporadic references to the original games, in this case with some powerful sequence of martial arts (thanks to the always estimable Mark Dacascos) and perfect for a carefree afternoon of mindlessness and Popcorn.

‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life’ (2003)

Although Angelina Jolie’s films like Lara Croft (of which only the second and somewhat lower can be streamed) are not as interesting as Alicia Vikander’s, it is easy to understand why her presence became iconic. This second installment is basically a James Bond movie with travel, gadgets and risky sequences capital letters, with the mysticism of the saga, humor and a lot of noise.

‘Doom’ (2005)

An also iconic adaptation, especially for the use of the first-person perspective, imitating the original video game. Unfortunately, the film is not as fast-paced or brutal as its reference and the thing is left in a nice and seedy Martian action adventure, not very memorable but to which few buts can be put. When will an adaptation to the top of the latest installments?

‘Postal’ (2007)

Uwe Boll’s most digestible film (along with the mindless ‘House of the Dead’) is this version of a video game that, of course, has not gone down in history, but which at the time drew attention for its exorbitant violence without sense. The film wants to follow the same path and provoke everything it can, and that is why it has become very oldBut as a document of what in 2007 was considered “offensive” it is priceless.

‘Resident Evil 4: Ultratumba’ (2010)

The best thing about the ‘Resident Evil’ movies is swallowing them all in one sitting (if possible): Except for the first and last, you have them all on HBO Max, and the last one is on Netflix. Mindless fun is guaranteed, and this fourth installment is one of the best, with final bosses taken from video games and an argument that begins to get ridiculously soap opera in the face of the fantastic and insane final stretch of the saga.

‘Warcraft: The Origin’ (2016)

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this adaptation of the popular MMORPG is that its creator, Duncan Jones (‘Moon’) deserves smaller and more personal projects, but otherwise, is a competent visualization of the lore of the game, daring to focus on the orcs, eternal enemies of heroes. Although it was initially considered a failure, it ended up succeeding in China and the domestic market, becoming the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time.

‘Tomb Raider’ (2018)

Great adaptation of the very successful Eidos video game, and for some reason it didn’t get all the attention it deserved. Alicia Vikander composed a credible and vulnerable heroine in an adventure with multiple nods to mechanics of puzzles, platforms and shots of the games of the saga, especially the latest batch. A fabulous exotic adventure film, intense and very physical, and worth taking back.

‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’ (2019)

Despite not being round, It is appreciated the effort of Legendary and Warner to propose a different vision of the Pokémon phenomenon, also pulling one of the funniest incarnations of Pikachu, here voiced by a hilarious Ryan Reynolds. The experiment was a monumental success, complementary to the always healthy video game franchise, and it remains to be seen how much more the unique Pokémon + cinema combination can be squeezed out. noir.

‘Monster Hunter’ (2020)

A bit following the ‘Resident Evil’ formula of moving from the original video game and launching into a crazy action epic, Mila Jovivich and Paul WS Anderson deliver a terrific piece of post-apocalyptic action, with a Tony Jaa giving the perfect reply to Jovovich and a certain synthetic conception of the scenarios and situations. Simple, direct, almost abstract in its conciseness, and very funny.

‘Sonic: The Movie’ (2020)

Nobody gave a penny for her, and there she is, one of the most successful adaptations of recent times with ‘Mortal Kombat’. Even the fans were right for once, pushing for a horrible initial Sonic design to evolve into one much more similar to that of video games. The result fits into a perfect family adventure movie: Jim Carrey’s Robotnik, good jokes, great visualization of Sonic’s speed … everything in place.

‘A werewolf among us’ (2021)

A very funny adaptation of the 2016 video game for virtual reality devices ‘Werewolves Within’, in which you had to deduce who the werewolf was hiding in a lonely village. The film follows that plot and triumphs thanks to its simplicity and great sense of humor, and In the purest eighties style, it does not renounce gore or moments of terror. A very lucky cocktail of genres that has passed under the radars of the most uptight fans.

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