Friday, December 3

11 vintage photos of celebrities, politicians, and royals on yachts

From Elizabeth Taylor lounging around in the French Riviera, to actress Sophia Loren posing with a picturesque ocean backdrop, it is a truth universally acknowledged that any celebrity in possession of fame and fortune, must be pictured aboard a yacht in Saint-Tropez.

But celebrities aren’t the only ones who love cruising through the Mediterranean.

Politicians, kings, and queens have also been spotted sailing in style around the world. For example, the British royal family used to take frequent vacations aboard their former charter, Royal Yacht Britannia, and even actress Grace Kelly was photographed on a yacht with fiancé Prince Rainier III of Monaco days before their wedding.

Yachting has always been associated not just with Hollywood jet-setters but also the world’s most powerful elite.

Here are a few vintage photos of some very famous faces lounging aboard some very big yachts.