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11 white wines from viognier grapes that will seduce you

The viognier It is an exquisite French variety from the Rhone Valley that is known as “the grape of hell” because it is difficult to grow and, at first glance, it seems a bit “feilla”, but it responds well to acid soils, humid climates and deep soils, giving Floral whites on the nose and with a lot of stone fruit on the palate that, if they undergo a certain aging, become gastronomic and aging wines.

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So we are confident that it would also be cultivated in Spain, although it is a minority here and there are only just over 200 hectares planted; but, fortunately, there are a few wineries determined that it does not disappear. So we went on an oenological expedition in search of its best specimens.

And we have found them from Aragon and Navarra to certain provinces of La Mancha and Castilla y León, passing through Alicante, Seville and a Vino de Pago de Montes de Toledo. Try it, you will be excited.

Up to twelve euros

8A Uvadoble it’s a viognier rare in the DO Navarra, where Bodegas Ochoa is located, which mixes the two personalities of two sisters: Adriana and Beatriz. It is super fresh, citric and floral on the nose; In the mouth, it is more forceful, seductive and tasty, enjoyable, unctuous thanks to its six months on the lees, with a remarkable aftertaste. 13% vol. 7.50 euros.

Mernat White 2019 NOC It is a wine from Bodegas Noc, IGP Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, aged for five months on its lees. Fruity on the nose, with lots of stone fruit and floral touches. In the mouth, it is deep, very flavorful, with a very long aftertaste, almost chewy, while still being like a sip of fresh air that cleanses your mouth. For example, with a salmon tartare with avocado, it goes sensational. 13.5% Vol. 9 euros.

Smooth Wind is 100% viognier ecological and biodynamic from the Dominio de Punctum winery, in Cuenca, DO La Mancha, which has the Rose of the Winds as a symbol because it aims to make you travel.

The night harvest and the altitude 800 m from the vineyard project a most peculiar white, with aromas reminiscent of a Sanlúcar chamomile, like yeast with some white flowers, and in the mouth it has a lot of ripe stone fruit, with a drink silky and long that is worth stopping to taste ceremoniously. Ideal for Asian food, marinated or smoked. 13% vol. 9.99 euros.

Slow Roasted Viognier It is a very pleasant white from Vins del Comtat, a winery that dared to try how the viognier in Alicante and triumphed with a very perfumed wine on the nose, with herbs and tropical fruits, while on the palate it is smooth, citric but with ripe yellow apple, very fresh as well as enveloping. 12.5% ​​Vol. 10.75 euros.

Blackbird Barrel is a balanced organic monovarietal from Bodegas Tierra Savia, in Cazalla de la Sierra, Sierra Morena Natural Park in Seville, which undergoes malolactic fermentation and aging in the same barrel for six months with batonages newspapers, plus a bottle time of three to six months.

From where it comes out with a smell of French roasted croissant that whets your appetite and a deep flavor of ripe stone fruit, tasty, dense and caressing. 13% vol. 12.25 euros.

Hacienda Albae Viognier It is one of the very few wines made in Ciudad Real with 100% of the variety that Hacienda Albae has been growing since 1985 at 700 meters of altitude. Accepted as Wine of the Land of Castilla, this perfect white is in contact with its lees for three months.

That is why you will notice it so impressive on the nose, like a basket of apricot, peach or nectarine type fruits, and a glycerine in the mouth that invites you to delight yourself through the papillae with that freshness that fills your mouth with water like a very beautiful peach . 12.5% ​​Vol. 12.50 euros.

Edra Blancoluz It is one of the virguerías of Alex Ascaso, an authentic vineyard in the Ribera del Gállego area, IGP that has not yet recognized this marvel that prays as Table Wine of the Land of Aragon due to the difficulty of its cultivation. You will see that it is a delicate, mature white with an exquisite flavor that evolves with each sip with a whole range of nuances. And, in addition, it is long thanks to the winemaker’s game with his viognier from two different plots and with their own lees. 13% vol. 12.90 euros.

From 13 euros

Viognier Sale d’Aubert 2020 It is a fantastic white made in Cretas (Queretes in Catalan), in the heart of Matarraña, IGP Bajo Aragón. There is a lot of pear on the nose, some green apple and, in the mouth, it is citric and floral, with a very balanced acidity and a long aftertaste that is perfect for an aperitif, although you have to be careful because it is drunk alone. 13% vol. 13.90 euros.

Viognier de Prieto Pariente 2019 It is a wine from a small vineyard of this variety that the José Pariente Winery found hidden in the Páramo de Valladolid, in La Seca. The lees are noticeable in the roundness and in the modulation of the acidity, because it softens and leaves that sediment of fruit salad in syrup with a dash of lemon and a certain minerality and bitterness that are offset in the aftertaste. 12.5% ​​Vol. 15.90 euros.

Viognier by Son Vich de Superna It is a Wine from the Land of Mallorca that combines the salty Mediterranean touch with the mountain viticulture of the heart of the Superna Valley. It’s a viognier Light with its own personality, ideal for when the heat is on or you want to have a drink without having to eat anything, with a finish like the one that leaves the skin of a peach and a sharp acidity. 13% vol. 16 euros.

Vallegarcía Viognier 2019Aromatically, this Vino de Pago de Vallegarcía, gives notes of overripe stone fruit, apricot and peach above all. And, with its six months in the barrel, it comes out oleic and dense, very gastronomic.

That is to say, it is an unctuous wine with which you can eat, whose acidity is marked on the tip of the tongue like a peach ice cream, but it is very well balanced with its glyceric part. Very powerful. 14% vol. 28.45 euros.

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