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12.5 meters high, 2,550 kilos in mass and a payload of 100 kilos: this is the MIURA 1, the first Spanish suborbital rocket

PLD Space was born ten years ago with the aim of “create the first Spanish space launcher“. It has been a long and complex road, but we can already say that the company from Elche has achieved it. Although its first flight is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022 from Downtown El Arenosillo in Huelva and the first real mission for 2024 from the ESA port in French Guiana, MIURA is already among us.

With its 12.5 meters high, its 2,550 kilos of mass (at takeoff) and a payload of 100 kilos, the first assembled prototype has just been presented at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid. The PLD Space project places Spain in a very interesting position at the risk of the “new space race”: being one of the few countries with the capacity to send its own satellites into space.

The Spanish way into space

The best thing, however, is that this has only just begun. During these years, the company has already closed six contracts with some of the main space agencies in the world and has established itself as one of the main European references in the development of reusable rockets (It has several contracts with the European Space Agency to develop these technologies).

Following the catastrophic failure of 2019, the first Spanish liquid fuel rocket engine has just undergone a full test

The acid test will come, as I said next year when MIURA 1 makes its first “suborbital” flight up to 150 kilometers and, although it did not completely bypass the Earth, it will carry several instruments that will allow it to carry out various investigations in microgravity conditions. But we can already say that the Spanish industry is in a position to manufacture rockets space.

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I will not deny that, on a personal level and after years of following his successes and failures, the fact that that small company that emerged in the back room of a plumbing in the province of Alicante can make a hole in the space it thrills me especially. Now for the MIURA 5

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