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12 Malaga wines to savor their designations of origin

The Denominations of Origin of Malaga

Throughout the province, we find two Denominations of Origin that are:

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The DOP Malaga, which includes Axarquía, Montes de Málaga, Norte, Manilva and Serranía de Ronda. In the DOP Malaga, liquor wines predominate, and, among them, natural sweet wines, as well as naturally sweet wines with different aging periods, also called Málaga (from six to 24 months), Málaga Noble (from two to three years), Málaga Añejo (from three to five years) and Malaga Trasañejo, over 5 years.

But Pedro Ximénez and / or Moscatel white wines are also made, without syrup or aging or aging, which the Regulatory Council includes as “Málaga Pálido”. In other words, a calm white, either from Muscat or Pedro Ximénez, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet or sweet.

The Sierras de Málaga PDO, which includes Axarquía, Western Coast, Manilva, Montes de Málaga, North of Málaga, Serranía de Ronda and Sierra de las Nieves. In the Sierras de Málaga PDOFor its part, it is where more pleasant surprises are giving us lately, with its whites and reds of varieties that you would not expect in Malaga, but yes, they exist, and we were able to try some by the glass in The Cantarrana Abaceria and others in the wineries themselves.

Sweets from DO Málaga

1. Pajarete de Bodegas Quitauelve. This “semi-sweet liqueur wine” is considered to be the oenological jewel of the DO Málaga, which must be made with Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel, with a minimum of two years of aging in casks, and cannot have more than 145 g of sugar per liter. This one has less, not in vain, we consider it the least sweet of the sweets. And with a cheese it is spectacular. 17% vol. 10.95 euros.

2. Viña Axarquía, from Dimobe, it is a sweet wine from the Axarquía, DOP Málaga. Muscat of Alexandria from centenary vineyards at its highest quality expression that shows an explosive and intense combination of aromas and sweet mineral flavors in the bottle and goes perfect with cheeses with something sweet like quince or raisins. 15% vol. 7.80 euros.

Whites, rosés and reds

3. The Lagar de Cabrera, from Bodega Antonio Muñoz Cabrera, from Sierras de Málaga PDO, is an award-winning dry Muscat of Alexandria from the sloping vineyards of the Axarquía that gives a lot of stone fruit on the nose and, in the mouth, the variety gives it a fruity and floral high , making it easy, relaxing, with just the right acidity and orange blossom on the tip of the tongue. Ideal for cupping. 13% vol. 7.95 euros.

Four. Hacienda Vizcondesa It is a good blend of merlot and garnacha, from the Serranía de Ronda de Bodegas Joaquín Fernández, very spicy, with lots of ripe fruit. Dense and powerful, although it only has six months of American oak. 14% vol. 9.50 euros.

5. Finca Los Frutales, from the same winery, is a blend of merlot, garnacha and syrah, an organic rosé aged on lees and 10 months in the barrel. The nose has fructose, peach, red fruit; and, on the palate, it is enveloping, fatty and with hints of stone fruit and peach. 14% vol. 9.50 euros.

6. Botani Garnacha, by Jorge Ordoñez, is born from his Garnacha vineyards in the Montes de Málaga and is one of the most recommended by the people of Malaga. Smoked, spicy and red fruit aromas stand out. On the palate, it is powerful, deep, ideal for meats. 15% Vol. 10.50 euros.

7. Badman wines tempranillo 2018 It is a very fresh young Tempranillo aged in ovoid tanks for 10 months. The Badman Wines oenologists, Simbad Romero and Manuel Carrizosa, after finishing their studies in oenology, went around the world in viticulture and have returned to the Serranía de Ronda with what they learned to make different wines like this one, very summery, with lots of ripe red fruit, spicy. 13.2% Vol. 13.02 euros.

8. Resilience It is 100% viognier with seven months in the barrel, a very peculiar and delicious white from the Gonzalo Beltrán winery in Ronda, deeply aromatic, vegetal on the nose, dry and a little salty, while still being dense and unctuous. 13.5% Vol. 15.45 euros.

9. Philites and Shales, from Viñedos Verticales, DO Sierras de Málaga, is the result of the collaboration between the Malaga winegrower Juan Muñoz and the Valencian winemaker Vicente Inat, who make a blend of 90% Muscat of Alexandria from the most Mediterranean side of the Malaga mountains and the 10% pedro ximénezez of the highest altitude in the Axarquía and is subjected to aging in large fudres.

These were previously owned by Larios, in which Brandy Príncipe and Larios aged 1866. Hence, that aftertaste of generous and honey, in contrast to the minerality and salinity due to the proximity to the sea. A sensational dry white, with well-marked acidity to accompany a sardine skewer. 14% Vol. 16.90 euros.

10. Schazt rosé 2018 It is almost a semitinto with a mineral, calcareous and rose petal aromaticity. The Muslattrolinger, which is still pinot noir, is aged for five months with batonage on lees in French oak barrels, from where it comes out fruity, with a berry flavor and aromatic mountain herbs. 13% Vol. 17 euros.

eleven. Payment El Espino 2018, from Cortijo de los Aguilares, in the Serranía de Ronda, is a blend of three varieties: 71% petit verdot, 20% Syrah and 9% Tempranillo with 15 months in large French oak barrels to respect the fruit. The nose is balsamic and herbaceous, with touches of toast and aroma of pine; On the palate it is intense, palatable, it screams for food for as long as it lasts in the aftertaste. 14.5% Vol. About 19 euros.

12. Samsara petit verdot. This red wine from the plot is the reward for the efforts of the young Malaga winegrower Pablo Chacón to cultivate French caste vines on his family’s land area in the Tajo de Ronda, in Viña el Juncal, Serranía de Ronda. It is aged for 10 months in French and Hungarian oak barrels that give it that intensity of black fruit, toast and liquorice on the nose, which also comes out in the mouth within its complexity and minerality. His younger brother, the Gandano pinot noir with semi-aging it is also very good. 14.5% Vol. About 29 euros.

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