Tuesday, July 5

12 recommended securities to invest in the stock market

Despite the difficulties of the world economy and political problems, the current time of change presents many opportunities for investing in the stock market. This is how Timur Turlov, founder and CEO of Freedom Financeleader in financial services on-line with more than 500 million euros under management and a market capitalization of more than 2,200 million euros, and for this reason it has designed a portfolio of 12 recommended securities to invest in.

In his opinion, “there are many companies now whose acquisition is very attractive. Many of them are trading well below their price last year, and could present good opportunities “. However, you must be sure of the investment you are going to make and do your homework well before starting to operate: “if you analyze the situation carefully and do not expect quick results, I am sure that you will find many opportunities in the bag,” says Turlov.

technological evolution

Currently, the world economy is facing challenges that defy the order established by globalization. The CEO of the company speaks that they have created “barriers to international contacts” and “complicated business processes.” However, it cannot be avoided that digitization will change the world and force traditional businesses to evolve. “Technology makes any sector work more efficiently.” In this sense, he points to banking as an example, and indicates that “the traditional banking system has to change and become more active with the adoption of innovative technologies, otherwise it will not survive. There is no other way”.

In fact, advanced digital technology is at the foundation of the success of Freedom 24 and represents an important competitive advantage for the company. In this regard, it is worth mentioning its own investment platform on-linewhich it has developed to provide its customers direct access to trading on the world’s largest exchangesincluding the Spanish one, and the more than one million investment products it sells.

Portfolio of 12 securities

Turlov believes that the stock market correction that has taken place “is nearing its final phase” and has built an investment portfolio with shares that have lost significant value but that retain fundamental reasons for “future growth and development.”

This is a portfolio of 12 companies, each with a potentially interesting investment idea behind it. The expected investment period is between six months and three years, and the expected return on the portfolio is 81%.

The portfolio is made up of companies from different sectors, although they stand out for operating and offering their products or services in a technological and digital framework:

Snowflake Inc. has steadily doubled its revenue in recent years and is expected to grow revenue from 94% to 96% in 2022.

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc. develop software information security and is the industry leader in a market of 51 billion euros.

Datadog Inc. is a company that had a strong performance in the first quarter and forecasts good results for 2022.

Zscaler Inc. is a cloud-based information security service provider with a growth rate of over 60%.

Enphase Energy Inc. it is a supplier of power systems to the solar power industry and is a profitable company with high margins and products that outperform competitors.

ZoomInfo Technologies is benefiting from new product launches and geographic expansion to maintain strong revenue growth.

Mongodb Inc. is the leading cloud platform dedicated to the development and delivery of general purpose databases. Its income grew 55.8% in the fourth quarter.

Bill.com is a provider of software cloud-based that simplifies and automates complex financial transactions for small and medium-sized businesses. It continues to show strong growth, up 179.4% in the third quarter of fiscal 2022.

Maravai Lifesciences Inc. operates in the natural sciences. The company’s key market is expected to grow further: the global gene therapy market was valued at €3.5 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach €12 billion by 2024.

Avalara Inc. offers cloud-based transactional tax compliance solutions, worldwide. Although it has achieved annual revenues of almost one billion euros, the company still manages to increase that number by more than 30% year after year.

Shockwave Medical Inc. develops and supplies technology for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The company shows triple-digit revenue growth and revises its outlook for this year. In the first quarter, its income grew by 193.4% year-on-year.

Taskus Inc. continues to show rapid revenue growth, rising from 34% in the second quarter of 2020 to 56.8% in the first quarter of 2022.