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13 essential items for going back to school at the best price

Back to school is coming and the boys and girls are looking forward to releasing their pencils and notebooks on the first day of class. From writing, thinking about the family economy, we have chosen this list of essentials within the El Corte Inglés stationery section, in which you will find everything you need to equip your children to start going back to school with enthusiasm and, in addition, with the 4×3 in school supplies, very good discounts, to which we must add 10% back to school gift on all the products selected here. From erasers and pencil sharpeners to the most practical calculator, with this shopping list you can fill the basket for a more than affordable price.

EXCLUSIVE LOOPY TOTEM sharpener + Spare rubber: What better than this All-in-One, which is a one-use pencil sharpener with a deposit for the leads and included rubber, plus another spare rubber. There are several very fun models to choose from. 3.99 euros.

Mega tube of 20 Cristal Bic Multicolor pens: this very cool one cannot be missing in any house pack of 20 Bic Cristal pens of different colors that comes in a mega tube to choose between green, purple, pink and blue. With a 14% discount, it stays at 5.99 euros, plus the 10% Vuelta al Cole Gift.

Pack of 12 colored pencils + 12 Alpino markers: They are not known by chance as “The pencils of your life” these brightly colored paints that you surely used in your earliest childhood, with their stomp-proof wood. But the best thing is that in this super economical pack they come with 12 Alpino markers with a resistant tip and easily washable inks of bright colors. 3.75 euros.

3 + 1 solvent-free children’s glue sticks pack: if children spend something, it is glue to make crafts with all kinds of paper, cardboard, cardboard, labels, photos, etc. So nothing better than buying this blister made up of four adhesive sticks of 11 g each with a state-of-the-art formula that glides better than when we were little and sticks with supernatural force. It is an adhesive pencil that is used to paste quickly, easily and cleanly. In addition, a fundamental detail: it is a natural product, it does not contain solvents or products. 3.50 euros after 26% discount.

Cardboard box of 15 Manley crayons: If your child is over 30 months old, he cannot miss this legendary box of quality soft waxes that allow a good blending for any artistic purpose. You will remember its intense and bright colors on paper, but you already know that it should be fixed with a varnish or fixing plastic so that the paint is well preserved. 4.40 euros.

Pack of 24 plastic crayons coloring kids plastidecor BIC: Another type of wax is the ideal blister wax for drawing. The usual colors are complemented by gold and silver tones, so that the little ones can give free rein to their artistic imagination. And that without staining your hands or clothes, thanks to the protective plastic that surrounds the body of the waxes. Sharpening them is also very simple, they can do it alone without the help of an adult. In addition, according to the BIC brand, these last longer, are resistant and weigh very little. With the 38% discount, you stay in 3.69 euros plus 10% Vuelta al Cole Gift.

Alpine Plasticine: It goes without saying that in every children’s backpack there must be a few blocks of plasticine of different colors. And now they come with a guarantee of being free of the main allergens and gluten, or, in other words, it is totally harmless for our children. € 0.60 each unit.

Maxi Kit of four pieces flexible rulers maped: the rules are another of the essentials. In this kit comes a 30 degree ruler, a 60º bevel, a 451 square and a 180º protractor. The novelty is that they are made of flexible and playful material, in fact, your children will be able to bend the four pieces infinitely. They are also sold separately, but the pack is more convenient, for only 3.99 euros plus 10% Back to School Gift. To choose between different models

Ergologic Half Strip Stapler + 400 Maped Staples: staplers are essential to have everything well tied. Specifically, this one, in different colors and with the typical metal handle, has an anti-locking mechanism for staples and comes with a reserve for two bars of staples. The staples have the capacity to group 20-25 sheets and are of such quality that they come with a 10-year guarantee. 6.99 euros plus 10% Vuelta al Cole Gift.

Three-pack spiral notebooks from oxford: These Promos A4 80 Sheets Extra Hard Cover White & Erase Oxford notebooks in vivid colors are ideal for writing thanks to their 90 gram type paper. optik paper, compatible with Oxford’s Scribzee app for digitizing handwritten notes. It’s called Write & Erase because the cover and back cover are erasable. 8.89 euros plus 10% Vuelta al Cole Gift.

Pack of four transparent A4 frost folders: The organizers are as necessary as the notebooks, since they fit the loose pages ordered by themes or subjects. These four come in blue, pink, green and black and will fit documents up to A4 size. For only 3.50 euros.

Casio MS-20UC Desktop Calculator: No desktop can be without this calculator that comes in different colors to choose from with LCD screen, time and tax calculation, backspace key, square root and double zero key. So that it solves all the mathematical operations in a jiffy. With the 16% discount, it costs 9.99 euros.

Frost backpack bluel for laptop 14.1 ” : all of this can be put into this special 14.1-inch laptop backpack that is well padded so it does not tear, which also makes it more comfortable for the back and shoulders. It has several interior and even side pockets with a bottle holder and a front zippered one. It is easy to open thanks to its double puller on the main zipper and it also has a handle to carry it from above. 9.99 euros plus 10% Vuelta al Cole Gift.

All this and much more you can find in the section back to ECI school, in which they offer you an infinity of facilities to finance the beginning of the new school year in your family so that your children do not lack anything.


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