Thursday, August 18

13 must-have premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘Army of the Dead’, ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’ and more

In a weekend in which we have games of Guardians of the Galaxy and ‘Age of Empires’, prequel to ‘Army of the dead’ and science fiction comics of the fifties, all we can do is congratulate each other on having a holiday around the corner. And shut up to enjoy these 13 leisure proposals on our weekly agenda.

‘The last duel’

Ridley Scott’s Last Movie account, as is usual in his latest blockbusters, with a stellar cast: Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Ben Affleck and Jodie Comer meet in a film based on true events and set in the 14th century. In it, two friends become rivals when the wife of one of them is harassed by the other, leading to a confrontation that can only be paid off in blood.

‘Army of thieves’

With a much smaller zombie presence, this almost immediate prequel to ‘Dawn of the Dead‘de Zack Snyder take one of the most interesting characters there, the expert thief Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer, also director of the film). And it gets him into a perfect heist plot very shortly before the apocalypse of the dead breaks out.

‘Doctor Portuondo’

Filmin debuts in the world of fiction with a series that adapts the hilarious book where Carlo Padial portrays his personal but fictionalized experiences with an extravagant Cuban psychologist. Pure Neurotic comedy, brimming with the trademark awkward situations in Padial, and that supposes a perfect and very singular start for the trajectory as a producer of the platform.

‘The green knight’

Mixing fantasy, horror and legendary Arthurian myths, the director of the memorable ‘A Ghost Story’ makes an unclassifiable film (but very much in the vein of the hyper-aesthetic indie of the production company A24) in which a mysterious and gigantic Green Knight throws Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), the insufferable nephew of King Arthur, the challenge of facing him. Visually unique, this indie cult hit now comes exclusively to Prime Video.

‘The substitute’

Óscar Aibar is one of the most unique directors of our filmography: his films are always very personal and attend to his particular obsessions, which range from Manuel Vázquez to those contacted by UFOs in Franco’s Spain. In this case, he delves into a tremendous real historical event: some of the most wanted Nazi war criminals ended up retired in an area as unsuspicious as the Denia T-shirt, in Alicante.

‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’

After the stumble from ‘Marvel’s Avengers’, there was reason to doubt ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. But this new superhero outpost from Eidos Montreal and Square Enix has exceeded expectations with a fast, very well written, single player game (who controls Starlord, but can also give orders the rest of the team) and that pays tribute to both Disney movies and comics. An effective combat system and intentions adjusted to its results do the rest in an essential title if you are interested in superheroes.

  • Ya disponible en PC, Ps4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch y PS5


An exciting tribute to the shooters most primal first person, the ‘DOOM’, the ‘Quake’ and the ‘Heretic’ who sowed the seeds of what is now the genre. With polygonal graphics voluntarily low-fi, ‘Dusk’ throws us into a forest where the player will have to massacre all the enemies they come across, mainly occultists who have unleashed invading demonic forces. And yes, of course there are chainsaws.

  • Now available on PC and Nintendo Switch

‘Age of Empires IV’

The legendary real-time strategy video game returns with a highly anticipated fourth installment (since 2005 we had not had deliveries of the main series) which for the moment lands on its PC version. You will be able to face 8 historical civilizations, each one with its own characteristics, in a game designed by Relic Entertainment, the study behind titles of the caliber of ‘Company of Heroes’ or ‘Dawn of War’. A return in style that we have analyzed here in detail.

‘Riders Republic’

Ubisoft’s proposal in terms of multiplayer sports entertainment finally reaches the general public after a season of public and private betas. Individual and team competitions in all kinds of extreme sports, such as bike races, in snowy environments by skiing and snowboarding, or free flying. Next-gen consoles allow races for up to 60 players, that is, a bunch of adrenaline-pumping freaks fighting to get to the finish line first.

  • Disponible para PC, PS4, Xbox On, PS5, XBox Series X/S, Stadia

‘Lem. A life that is not of this world ‘(Wojciech Orliński)


We are celebrating the centenary of the birth of the Polish science fiction writer Stanisław Lem, who we know here by ‘Solaris’, but which has a much richer and more diverse career than that of a single genre. This biography delves into his rich personality, describing how a radical creator was born in an era of totalitarianism and ended up becoming a myth, in a book full of attractive details for lovers of sci-fi salsa, such as why Philip K. Dick reported him to the FBI.

Lem.  A life that is not of this world: 236 (Impedimenta)

Lem. A life that is not of this world: 236 (Impedimenta)

‘The Scarlet Gospels’ (Clive Barker)


Unpublished to date in Spanish, this 2015 novel represents the late but highly anticipated continuation of the mythical ‘Hellraiser’, whose mythology Clive Barker crosses here with his supernatural detective Harry D’Amour, protagonist of numerous unpublished novels also largely in our language. We will discover more about Pinhead (tempter of the Order of the Incision) in a fight between humans and fallen angels in the most remote corner of hell, an island called Yapora Yariziac.

The Scarlet Gospels: 9 (Pandora's Box)

The Scarlet Gospels: 9 (Pandora’s Box)

‘The unreal and the real’ (Ursula K. Le Guin)

Home Lo Unreal Y Lo Real Ursula K Le Guin 202106151236

We are living in a truly sweet moment when it comes to the publication in Spanish of mythical science fiction authors who until very recently remained relegated to editorial limbo. One of the most benefited is the great Ursula K. Le Guin, who has finally seen most of her major works put into circulation again and that now has reissued in this volume a good number of short stories, unpublished and from different sources. To enjoy the teacher.

‘Weird Science’ Vol. 1 (VV.AA.)

Weird Science 1

The reissues of Diabolo from the legendary American publisher of the 50s EC Comics is a true balm in these sarcastic and unbelieving times. Science fiction of the highest quality and imagination, illustrated by absolute masters of the genre as Wally Wood and scripted by legendary feathers like Ray Bradbury. Honest, straightforward, top-notch fun.