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13 must-see premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Cowboy Bebop’, ‘The Wheel of Time’ and more

Weekend of spectacular premieres for all tastes: ‘Cowboy Bebop’, ‘The wheel of time’, the end of ‘Foundation’, the multi of ‘Halo: Infinite’, ‘Battlefield 2042’ and even a script book by The Electroduendes. They say that The cold is already beginning, so to perpetrate leisure and plunge your head into any of the proposals that we bring you for this week.

‘Last night in Soho’

Received with devotion in the latest edition of Sitges, the new film by Edgar Wright, director of ‘Scott Pilgrim’ and ‘Zombies Party’ is a nostalgic tribute to horror cinema with a cast with names as suggestive as those of Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Terence Stamp or Diana Rigg. A young woman with a passion for fashion who can travel back in time to the sixties, he moved to London at the time to meet his idol, a budding singer.

‘Foundation’ – End of T1

It is one of the undisputed science fiction premieres of the year. The unadaptability of Isaac Asimov’s original novel series has forced Apple TV + to make a series of decisions that have been received by fans from sometimes opposite positions, but it is indisputable that its tremendous ambition and its overwhelming technical invoice make it an essential appointment. Today the last episode of the first season arrives on the platform, which has already confirmed a continuation.

‘Cowboy Bebop’

This real image adaptation of the futuristic adventures of bounty hunters created at the turn of the last century by Hajime Yatate in anime format. With an aesthetic that echoes the hyper-stylized world of color and rhythm of the original, John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda try to live up to their animated predecessors. That is not turkey mucus.

‘The wheel of time’

Robert Jordan’s huge literary saga is the subject of an ambitious adaptation on Amazon Prime Video, which like the rest of the streaming platforms, insist on its tireless search for a new ‘Game of Thrones’. Here we will meet four young men who come into contact with a stranger who claims that one of them will confirm an ancient prophecy that will end the balance of forces between Light and Darkness.

‘Heading to hell’

We can get used to the fact that, due to the success of ‘The Squid Game’, Let’s see different Korean series in streaming that try to replicate those tremendous viewing figures. Although on this occasion, the thing veers violently towards the fantasy genre with the story of some terrifying supernatural creatures capable of sending humans to hell, unleashing a situation close to the apocalypse.

‘Battlefield 2042’

The long-awaited new installment in the saga of war shooters from EA DICE and Electronic Arts comes with tremendous ambition for next-generation consoles, as we have been telling you in our gaming experiences. This time, the strong points are the climatic effects that condition the action, the 128 simultaneous players and the possibility of playing with elements, vehicles, weapons and scenarios of different classic levels of the franchise, coming from different time settings.

  • Disponible para PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X/S

‘Exo One’

The most stimulating and radically different proposal this week is ‘Exo One’, an indie space exploration game in which we have to travel through alien landscapes that are very different from each other, playing with the physics and conditions of each planet. Without missions or time limits, the game proposes a journey in which you do not have to meet objectives, but live the experience at your own pace, letting you bathe in the fascinating atmospheres that populate these strange worlds.

  • Disponible para PC, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S

‘Ruined King: A League of Legends Story’

Between the success of ‘Arcane’ and the news in video game format that keep coming, the ‘League of Legends’ universe has been more active than ever for a few weeks. This turn-based fighting RPG set in the universe of the popular MOBA has come almost by surprise this week, already in charge are Airship Syndicate, responsible for ‘Battle Chasers: Nightwar’ and ‘Darksiders Genesis’. In it, a crew of outcasts will join forces to investigate a Black Mist in the darkest depths of Runeterra.

  • Disponible para PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS5 y Xbox Series X/S

‘Halo Infinite’ (free multiplayer beta)

Microsoft surprised this week at the Xbox anniversary event with the announcement of a free multiplayer beta that serves as an appetizer of the imminent ‘Halo Infinite’. The first sensations of those who have landed in it are tremendously positive and there is already talk of a stimulating turn in the franchise. It became Microsoft’s game with the highest download figures on Steam on its day of release, showing that there is interest in this remake of the Master Chief’s adventures.

  • Available for PC and Xbox

'Battlefield 2042': the war of the future is much better when you can also enjoy the most iconic maps of the past

‘The internet years’ (Damian Bradfield and David Sánchez)

Losanos internet

Damian Bradfield, screenwriter of ‘The Internet Years’, knows what he’s talking about. He is the co-founder of Wetransfer, but he is also a digital disconnect activist, well aware of the damage that being hooked on screens can do to us. Here, with the collaboration of the always brilliant David Sánchez, has written a series of vignettes, clearly inspired by fictions such as ‘Black Mirror’, in which he gives his thing with surreal touches and a heartbreaking humor to Google, Apple, Amazon, the 24/7 connection and everything that is put in front of him.

The internet years (Orejero Armchair)

The internet years (Orejero Armchair)

‘Long live Evil, long live Capital! – The electroduendes’ (Santiago Alba Rico)

long live evil

There is no Spanish child of the eighties whose head will not be pierced by the rebellious and anti-capitalist slogans that Every Saturday morning they emerged from the legendary TVE program ‘La bola de cristal’. This reissue of a classic and now out of print volume is the perfect excuse to recover those unrepeatable days: a selection of scripts produced between 1984 and 1988 and a few texts that put in context what that subversive avalanche of anti-liberal slogans was, in what to many kids of the time was the first contact with the most genuine and corrosive punk.

Long Live Evil, Long Live Capital !: The Electric Waves: 10 (Performing Arts)

Long Live Evil, Long Live Capital !: The Electric Waves: 10 (Performing Arts)

‘Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel’ (Jonathan Morris)

Dr Who Touched By An Angel Cover

After an exhilarating first volume dedicated to the Daleks, Dolmen continues to bring back official classic ‘Doctor Who’ novels, this time with a title dedicated to the Weeping Angels, who are among the most terrifying creatures in all of the series’ fauna. The story belongs to the time when the Doctor was played by Matt Smith, with Amy and Rory as companions, and tells us how angels use a man in love to destroy the limits of time and endanger the entire history of mankind.

Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel

Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel

‘The Dead Are Not Risen: And Other Police Stories’ (Ray Bradbury)

Home The Dead Are Not Risen Ray Bradbury 202110191630

Although we know him especially for his science fiction stories and classics like ‘Martian Chronicles’ or ‘Fahrenheit 451’, Bradbury played all kinds of genres, proving to be a true all-rounder. Many of these stories were turned into episodes of ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ or ‘The Ray Bradbury Theater’, and they keep all their style intact, with stories about a murderer who has to kill a human-looking robot or a traveler in the Time he has to stop his younger self from murdering the woman they both love.

The Dead Are Not Risen: And Other Police Stories (Ray Bradbury Library)

The Dead Are Not Risen: And Other Police Stories (Ray Bradbury Library)

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