Friday, September 22

13 premieres and essential releases for the weekend: ‘The Alley of Lost Souls’, ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ and much more

´From the dreamlike extremes of terror vintage from the hand of Guillermo del Toro to the best independent comics of the nineties…with a short stop at the shooter suffocating cooperative of recent times. Do not leave a corner of our plans for the weekend without visiting, there is something for everyone.

‘The Alley of Lost Souls’

William of the Bull adapts a mystery movie classic while preserving all its aroma vintage thanks to the magnificent sense of wonder and the ability to portray the monstrous of the author, one of the few visionaries in the key of fantastic classic that we have left. As in the original film, a con artist (Bradley Cooper) teams up with a savvy fortune-teller (Cate Blanchett) to swindle all the unsuspecting millionaires who cross their paths…

‘One Shot (Rescue Mission)’

An authentic surplus in the format of a modest action movie of a lifetime that comes with two indisputable attractions. On the one hand, the leading role of one of the most physical and current actors of the genre, Scott Adkins. And on the other, technical exhibitionism: ‘One Shot’ is shot as its name suggests, in a single sequence shot, which allows us to live his argument at ground level. A squad of Navy SEALs are on a secret mission to transport a prisoner, and they will have to risk everything to prevent him from being rescued.


The cult film par excellence of Spanish cinema, a reflection on the cinema itself that mixes vampirism, hard drugs and interpretations of another galaxy of Eusebio Poncela, Cecilia Roth and Will More: A B-series director immersed in a crazy phase of self-destruction is reunited with an obsessive friend who thinks he can control the pace of his Super 8 movies. With this release, Flixolé presents an incredible 4K restoration billed by the titans of Vinegar Syndrome and that presents the masterpiece of Iván Zulueta literally as never seen before.

‘Servant’ T3

Apple TV + premieres this week two series practically opposite each other. On the one hand, Jim Henson’s legendary Fraguels return in ‘Los Fraguels: The Fun Continues’. On the other hand, the third season of the haunting and claustrophobic series by M. Night Shyamalan which preserves intact its ability to strangle the viewer’s nerves. The misadventures continue with the maternity of the main family and we will know more about what happens outside from home, with moments that border on the Polanskian ‘Repulsion’.


Although it was once sold as “the new series from the creator of ‘Lost,'” ‘Fringe’ has earned a cult reputation over time that goes far beyond the mere paternity of JJ Abrams. A true spiritual successor to ‘The X Files’ that put many viewers in contact for the first time with the theme of parallel universes, anticipating themes that are now very fashionable. It lands complete on HBO Max.

‘Rainbow Six Extraction’

A demanding game in terms of its difficulty but very accessible, since it just requires you to find a couple of friends to venture into infested terrain by a plague, to carry out risky attack and rescue missions. Fast, brutal and with very well studied mechanics, it is the latest tactical action proposal from Ubi Soft, full of extreme action and very interesting ideas that can change the cooperative multiplayer genre.

  • Now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X/S and Stadia

‘Windjammers 2’

A sequel / reboot of one of the absolute Neo Geo classics, and one of the most vibrant, recognizable and original games of the history of the medium. Games of futuristic flying discs raised as authentic wrestling matches and that, of course, allows the confrontation between two players. It is often said, but it has never been truer than here: “easy to understand, difficult to master”.

  • Ya disponible para PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X/S, Switch y Stadia

‘The Enigma Machine’

A disturbing retro graphic adventure with elements of horror, and that has a well-crafted setting thanks to disturbing VHS-style effects. The game imagines a technology capable of entering the mind of an artificial intelligence and experiencing its sensations in a virtual environment, in an original and disturbing idea developed by the Spanish indie studio Dolores Entertainment.

  • Ya disponible para Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

‘Nobody Saves the World’

It is expected new title from the creators of ‘Guacamelee!’ mix action and role in an exploration adventure dungeon crawler starring a faceless android named Nobody, who doesn’t remember any details about his origin. He soon discovers that he can take the form and characteristics of all kinds of creatures, allowing him to make his way through the dangerous environment. There is a cooperative mode with which to collaborate to avoid dangers.

  • Now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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‘Influencers’ (Ole Nymoen and Wolfgang M. Schmitt)

Portada Influencers Ole Nymoen 202112141053

A while ago there were no influencers. This is so, and this new category of humans is what is delivered to analyze this book that enters the digital age, there where entertainment, capitalism, pop culture, advertising and consumption are confused. People with millions of followers who have them as models of thought and behavior are the key to understanding a social moment that we are obliged to try to decipher.

Influencers: The ideology of advertising bodies (PENINSULA)

Influencers: The ideology of advertising bodies (PENINSULA)

‘La conquista de Tinder’ (Jimina Sabadú)


And from one extreme of the digital analysis to the other: Jimina Sabadú’s sharp pen analyses, with her own sarcastic humor, the new relationships that are being generated around dating apps. The author puts herself in the first person and recounts her experience with these revolutionary ways of meeting people, to explain how in them we become authentic products for sale.

The Conquest Of Tinder (The Wonder Room)

The Conquest Of Tinder (The Wonder Room)

‘Dreams and Fables: Vertigo’s Story’ (Elisa McCausland, Diego Salgado)


A luxurious journey through the long history of DC’s Vertigo label, which saw the birth of key titles in the fantastic and horror comics of the nineties such as ‘Hellblazer’, ‘Preacher’, ‘100 bullets’, ‘Fables’, ‘Sandman’ or Grant Morrison’s ‘Doom Patrol’. Quality and avant-garde came together in an oasis for adult readers whose impact and echo are still perceived today, as we will see shortly with the new Netflix series dedicated to Sandman. Salgado and McCausland analyze the history of the label with their usual rigor, in an edition that has an exclusive cover by Lee Bermejo and a foreword by Dave McKean.

Dreams and Fables: History of Vertigo

Dreams and Fables: History of Vertigo

‘Gogol’s Disco’ (Paavo Matsin)

dance club

A mixture of fantasy and dystopian science fiction, captivating for its sense of wonder and for the acidity of its satire. In a parallel and future universe, the population has been deported after the invasion of the Russian Tsar. The legendary Nikolai Gogol is resurrected and causes chaos when a parade of bohemians, booksellers and beatniks attempt to write new gospels despite the Tsar’s regime’s best efforts to stop them. A reflection on what Europe is and where it is in extremely turbulent times like these.

Gogol's Nightclub: 2 (Europe Penthouse)

Gogol’s Nightclub: 2 (Europe Penthouse)