Monday, June 5

13 superhero animated series and movies that you can watch in streaming

Superhero movies are at their most spectacular, at least in commercial terms, but we often look down on the animated productions of the genre. Big mistake, because they are usually more sophisticated and faithful to the originals than their counterparts in actual image. To vindicate that subgenre that deserves more love, we recover 13 masterpieces of the superhero cartoon.

Spider-Man: A new universe’

Not just the best animated superhero movie, but one of the best recent productions in the genre, rivaling what you love most about the MCU. Its visionary aesthetic perfectly conveys the vibrant dynamism of comics better than any special his hilarious vision of the multiverses (where Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man Noir are, but also Spider-Pig) is superior to the functional vision of the same theme of ‘No Way Home’.

‘Harley Quinn’

A bit of covert arrival to the Spanish catalog of HBO Max, it is a magnificent DC animation production that distances itself from its companions in animated feature film format, more serious and faithful to the letter and aesthetics of the originals. Here we will learn about the single misadventures of Harley Quinn and her friend Poison Ivy, with interventions from all the bat-villain fauna and a genuinely cartoon, crazy and adult humor. The last great death rattle of the lamented DC Universe (‘Swamp Thing’, ‘Doom Patrol’)


Although the source material, the terrific comic scripted by Robert Kirkman, was top-notch, there was some question as to whether Prime Video would be able to keep up with the constant surprises and crushing violence of the print version. He succeeds very well, and this story about a young man who discovers that his father is the most important superhero in the world and that he may have to take over is an excessive and shocking love letter to the genre.

‘Robot Chicken Especial DC Comics’

The presence of ‘Robot Chicken’ on HBO Max gives us access to one of the most savage television animation institutions. His constant references have not lost any edge, and his best moments are in the specials dedicated to destroying the sacred cows of pop culture. Being from Warner, one about DC heroes was inevitable, and this decidedly non-canon story about the Justice League is a balm between so many dark and solemn visions of the characters.


HBO applied the philosophy of his revolutionary live-action series to this adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s millionaire comic, and the result is an adaptation that retains all the violence and disturbing themes of the original, with top-notch animation and a devastating first few episodes. Its only problem is that it was affected by comparisons with the weak live action film, but it is always a good time to recover the story of a demon spawn born from the desire of a man who makes a Faustian pact to be alive again.

‘What would happen if…?’

One of the first animated experiments of the MCU, which although it does not take full advantage of the company’s wide catalog of characters (unfortunately it limits itself to what we have seen in the movies), it does offer alternative stories to the official ones of notable interest . It doesn’t always work perfectly, but episodes like that of the Marvel Zombies or that of Agent Carter as Captain America more than fulfill The expectations.

‘Future Batman: Return of the Joker’

‘Future Batman’ is one of the most vindictive animated incarnations of the Dark Knight for its originality and reformulation of the classic characters of the franchise, and hits the ceiling in this feature film, unusually dark and insane. Doing a kind of extreme and futuristic review of ‘A death in the family’, we find a Joker (incredible, as always, Mark Hamill) more cruel and violent than ever, in an essential piece for Batman fans. of any of its versions.

‘Teen Titans Go!’

Don’t be fooled by its simple and attractive aesthetic: ‘Teen Titans Go!’ It is a real bomb of cartoon madness that yes, it is aimed at all audiences, but it has goodies inside to satisfy the most callous and grumpy fans of the DC Universe. From cameos from the top staff of the superhero universe (from the best-known heroes to the most dragged second-strings) to a feverish rhythm and hilarious gags. essential appointment.

‘Batman Ninja’

Much beyond an oriental version of Batman, this movie is a genuine Batman anime, with entirely Japanese production and the participation in the designs of the great Takashi Okazaki, creator of ‘Afro Samurai’. Very personal and insane, it has purely anime action and rhythm and fantastic feudal Japanese reinterpretations of classic characters from the Batman universe such as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Gorilla Grodd and, of course, the Joker.

'MODOK': a hilarious Marvel parody on Disney +, in tune with the best alternative animation for television


The mythical Spider-Man series of the nineties remains canonical when it comes to reinterpreting a superhero in the animated format. The entire gallery of villains, solid scripts (although obviously aimed at young audiences) and with an interesting continuity and action in abundance. To see in perfect company with the ‘X-Men’ series of the time, also great. All that remains is for the fabulous adaptation of the sixties to reach us, much more than a machine gun of memes (but better wait sitting down).


The creators of ‘Robot Chicken’ delving into the Marvel universe, in a series so iconoclastic and excessive that they have not dared to admit it to the MCU. Better, who needs his handsome and excellently groomed heroes when he has this brutal stop-motion puppet that presents an antihero as lovable as it is hateful: a laughable third-rate villain in a superheroic sitcom full of action, pure science-fiction concepts and a masterful cast led by Patton Oswald

‘Kid Cosmic’

It does not adapt any previous hero (something that is most needed, why deny it), but it has enough personality to become one of the best series on this list. Craig McCracken, creator of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ gives a unique vintage style to this adventure of a boy who finds some space gems that give him powers, in what at times seems like a cartoon from the sixties but with current superheroic sensibility. A wonder for all audiences.

‘The Incredibles’

One of the first Pixar movies, before his future bosses were also, in effect, owners of the great superhero empire of the 21st century. Irony doesn’t remotely detract from the findings of this loving tribute to the Fantastic Four, and as usual in the studio there is as much emotion as action, and constant findings among which is the captivating Edna Moda.