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13 wine-based drinks that are somewhere between soft drink and sparkling because of their low alcohol content

In this section we are true wine lovers and we don’t care about white, rosé, red, orange, sparkling or generous. We hardly tolerate blue wines, it’s true. And very sweet wines that seem to have added sugars, we take them fatally.

Eight wines from the supermarket from 2 to 11 euros for this month of July

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Now, we must admit that nobody is born loving the powerful Toro wines or the whites with barrels, but we have all started with Lambrusco in Italian restaurants in Spain, some semi-sweet whites that did not seem dry on the palate or Riojas smoothed by wood in any case.

The point is that, nowadays, there are many more options to start in the world of wine and, in addition, we have detected a trend that makes them even more attractive: that of drinks that are halfway between soda and sparkling because They are fruity, have a low alcohol content, less than 10.5% Vol, and some bubbles that make them the most sparkling and refreshing to consume especially in summer.

With this selection, it will be easy to open your mind to the world of wine:

Dealcoholized less than 5.5% Vol

Viña Albali Sparkling low alcohol: Viña Albali’s two sparkling drinks based on dealcoholized wine are Sauvignon Blanc or Garnacha and have an alcohol content of 0.5%. How do they do it? “After a sophisticated and complex dealcoholization process, carbon dioxide is added to provide a persistent bubble, obtaining a very fruity, fresh dealcoholized drink that produces a pleasant mouthfeel”. 3.45 euros.

Libalis Frizz It is the frizzante brother of the white Libalis by Maetrierra, which makes it even more tropical and exotic, thanks to the small grain muscat from the PGI Valles de Salceda, specifically from the organic viticulture vineyards planted in 1999 at Finca Zarcillo and Finca Mejorana (Calahorra). The trick is that, once the wine is at 5.5% Vol., It cools to a very low temperature stopping the fermentation and thus leaving a sweetly fruity wine with natural carbon dioxide. When bottling, they add a light touch of carbonic so that the fruit has that bubbly grace. 6.25 euros.

Yllera Frizzantes: a Verdejo white and a rosé based on bubbly Verdejo and Tempranillo with 5.5% Vol. and an Ice Revolution sparkling red wine, with 7.5% tempranillo alcohol partially fermented, fresh, sweet, with the sparkle of the needle and above thought to take with ice. Between 6.65 and 7.65 euros.

Codornew Frizz 5.5: Unlike other low-alcohol products on the market, Frizz 5.5 is obtained from wines that have been fully fermented and then dealcoholized, which is why it has more pronounced aromas and more body. Afterwards, it undergoes a second fermentation that naturally creates the fine bubbles that make it fine and pleasant, with the fruity aftertaste expected of Verdejo. 5.5% vol. 7 euros.

Bornos Frizzante Verdejo 5.5: Palacio De Bornos makes this super-refreshing frizzante, effervescent, very aromatic and with marked sweetness without being cloying, ideal to start with partially fermented musts and enjoy the sunset without complications. 5.5% vol. 3.45 euros.

Fizzy Frizzante Verdejo It is the white produced by García Carrión in Castilla la Mancha, with fine bubbles made using the charmat method, which means that the carbon dioxide produced in the tanks by the yeasts remains in the wine, resulting in a sparkling wine with balanced acidity. with the sweetness of Verdejo. 5.5% vol. 4.18 euros.

Viña Albali Frizzante: Viña Albali also has two frizzantes of 5.5% Vol. Of Verdejo and Tempranillo, which are fruity, sweet and very refreshing, just what we want in summer, and all this thanks to the natural carbon content and its low alcohol content. 4.35 euros.

Ethereal It is the white frizzante from Virgen de la Oliva, in Malaga, with the aroma of a bag of sweets and the taste of pure honey, very fruity. 5.5% vol. 4.90 euros.

From 7% Vol to 10.5 without sugar

Alma Mater from Viñedos del Bierzo: it is a semi-sweet white frizzante, made with godello, doña blanca and sherry, the most common varieties in El Bierzo, from vineyards between 40 and 60 years old. Very aromatic on the nose and powerful and sizzling on the palate. With that 7% Vol. You can take it from an aperitif to a sunset drink or with desserts. Accumulate several prizes in the category of Sangrías and Frizzantes up to 7 degrees. 5 euros.

49 million: it is the latest refreshing drink that Grandes Vinos has brought to the market of low alcohol sparkling wines. It is natural, since it is born from the grape must, and has a low alcohol content (below 9% Vol., Which is why it cannot be considered wine). Its light touch of carbon is very pleasant, causing a sparkling bubble that balances acidity and sweetness, both in the case of the Macabeo white and the Garnacha rosé. Both are very fruity and floral, aromatic and free of gluten or coloring and suitable for vegans. You will be surprised if we tell you that even very wine lovers like it. 3.30 euros.

Pasion Pink, belonging to the Pasion Wines range, Pasion Pink, is a flavored cocktail of wine products, in this case, rosé wine, which shows an almost phosphorous pink, an aroma of wild red fruit and pure vivacity on the palate. 9.5% 10 euros

Fuensaviña Sweetie, from Soledad Cooperativa Fuensalida, calls itself the “Rosé Revolution”, an approach of the Garnacha to the youngest so that it reaches their palates happy and super-fruity, like a bag of sweets. 9.5% Vol. 3.50 euros

Pure Wine Zero SugarBy combining traditional techniques during the fermentation process, winemaker Daniele Cusmano, from The Pure Winery, Italy, converts natural sugars into alcohol. The red, white, sparkling white and rosé wines are made with pinot noir, pinot, chardonnay, sauvignon, barbera and merlot, leaving a wine without sugar, with low calories and 10.5% Vol. That is, they enter alone. 11.99 euros.

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