Thursday, August 18

132 hours of waiting at the gates of Sant Jordi to see Rosalía: “We want to be the first and see her well”

Candela and Víctor are two young people who stood this Tuesday morning at the doors of the Palau Sant Jordi, where Rosalía will perform on her “Motomami” tour. There are days left for the concerts, which will be held on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th, but these young people will wait for 132 hours to be in the front row. And everything indicates that they will succeed, since they are the first to arrive.

Reasons to applaud or reject the flamenconess of Rosalía’s ‘Motomami’

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Neither the heat wave nor the impossibility of showering or sleeping in a bed for almost a week has discouraged these two young people from Mataró and Montcada i Reixach, who are willing to do anything for their admired Rosalía. In statements to Efesay that they met at the campsite prior to the concert of the ‘El mal querer’ tour in 2019 and now they repeat the move, although this time they will spend nearly six full days in this queue in which, almost 48 hours after arrival , there is still no one behind them.

“I’m super nervous. Since we met, precisely queuing for the concert of the previous tour, we already said that the next time we had to come earlier and thus be able to be the first to see it well, ”says Candela, who shares styling with the artist from Sant Esteve Sesrovires .

The young woman admits that “everyone tells us that we are crazy”. But for them the concert does not begin with the musical performance, but with the camping where they meet “a lot of people”. In addition, they claim to come “very prepared” for this six-day odyssey. Two yoga mats, a portable cooler and a parasol are for now the companions of the couple of friends, who have themselves made the t-shirts that they will wear on the day of the concert.

But they are not alone in their camping: they explain that they have “accomplice” friends and relatives who will bring them food and what they may need, such as water and ice. They also have the “help” of the staff of the nearby Olympic swimming pools, who let them go to the bathroom and “cool off a bit”. This last part is important, since in the area the temperature reaches 32 degrees. However, they point out that they “expected it worse” and that in the area where they are “the air runs”.

“There is a good vibe, but when the doors open, save yourself who can”

“I’ve been a fan of Rosalía since she released ‘Los Ángeles’, from the beginning, when she didn’t even have 1k yet [1.000 seguidores] and fanaticism has been growing as time has passed and has done more things, “continues Candela. Their tickets are for the second concert, the one on Sunday, which they thought was a “better idea” than the first, so they will have to manage how a double queue is formed and the order of arrival is maintained, something they believe will not be problematic. because “there is a good vibe here”.

At the moment a “1” Víctor and a “2” Candela have been written on their hands, numbering that they explain will run parallel to the concert on the 23rd, which they will have to let pass first. “We will number up to number 100”, says Candela, who admits that the arrival shifts fade once the threshold of the Palau Sant Jordi is passed. “There’s a good vibe but when the doors open… Every man for himself and we’ll pull our hair out,” she says with a laugh.

Candela, whom Víctor allows to speak at all times, explains that Rosalía allows her to “disconnect from everything” and “at all hours” and that she listens to her music “from getting ready” to “studying” because, in addition, “she is very varied”.

To pass the time, they analyze everything they find on social networks about the concerts prior to those in Barcelona. Today it was their turn to comment on Rosalía’s “looks” at her concert last night at the Wizink Center, where 15,000 followers gathered and the singer’s next song, “Despecha”, was collectively baptized.

They also fantasize about what they will do when more people arrive in line and they can take turns going to the supermarket or taking a shower. But for now, they are alone.