Thursday, July 7

14 people are randomly murdered in the border city of Reynosa

Mexico City



This Saturday the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, adjacent to the northwest of the US border, was dyed red in one of the most violent days in memory. The most surprising thing is that they were randomly murdered 14 people They were in four colonies located southeast of Reynosa, a city on the border with Texas and the most populous in the state. The armed group was aboard several SUVs, according to the State Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace in Tamaulipas. So far I know has detained a person that he was carrying two women in the trunk of his car. In addition, two vans and a long gun have been intervened.

The scene of the crimes left 14 pedestrians dead: among them, a taxi driver, an elderly person, a young man who sold cell phones and several construction workers who were killed in the middle of the pavement. Three members of the same family were stripped of their vehicle and later executed. The victims could be more since the inhabitants of Tamaulipas have warned of different night shootouts.

The deaths were due to “stray bullets due to clashes between organized crime groups”

The mayor of Reynosa, Maki Ortiz Dominguez, stated that the deaths were due to “stray bullets due to clashes between organized crime groups.” However, the sister of one of the victims has stated that it was a direct attack Cold-blooded.

The governor of the state, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, has reported that the Army, the National Guard and the State Prosecutor’s Office are jointly investigating the events without an official explanation being communicated. “Criminal organizations must receive a clear, explicit and forceful signal from the federal government that there will be no room for impunity, nor tolerance for their reprehensible criminal behavior,” concluded the president. The murders are attributed to various organized crime gangs that dispute the city. Cabeza de Vaca called on the Government to assume its responsibility in combating those who threaten the security, health and stability of all communities.

Last Sunday, the State Security Forces, while looking for those responsible, they killed two men and a woman who were traveling in a Nissan off-road vehicle after they tried to attack them. A fourth unidentified armed civilian also died hours earlier.

Record of fatalities

Violence does not stop in the North American country: on April 25, a new record of fatalities was reached due to intentional homicide. A sad day when they checked in 115 murders. Only in April 959 murders were counted, which means an average of 78.4 daily victims. The two bloodiest years in Mexican history occurred in 2019 and 2020.

The origin of the attack: “It was a commando”

President Lopez Obrador He assured in his first quarterly report that homicides fell 1.6%, with an 8.5% increase in femicides and 21% in extortion. From Las Mañaneras AMLO explained that the attack “was a command” against innocent people and announced that the Government will take over the case to investigate and punish those responsible.

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