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14 restaurants where dinner and a show will fill you with joy this summer

With the arrival of the heat, we all feel hungry, thirsty for a cool cocktail, the desire to dance and the imagination to propose new plans. So, so that you can have fun alone or surprise your friends or partner with your ideas, we leave you some restaurants with shows through Spanish territory where the plan is out of the ordinary.

In them you will have at your fingertips the best of Mediterranean and international gastronomy, each in its own style and with its products, but all with the option of livening up the meal with a show. Magic, drag queensmonologues, music and other types of shows your senses will be flooded when you cross the doors of these premises.

In Barcelona

A gatsby barcelona can be accessed from Jay’s Japanese. At the end of the corridor’s mirrors, a circular room appears with tables of all heights to dine to the rhythm of the DJ and wait for his dance team to appear, ready to give it their all at Calle Tuset, 19.

In keel They take you to Andalusia without moving from the streets of El Born. They do it with their Mediterranean tapas, but also with live rumba and flamenco on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. And if you don’t feel like tapas, don’t worry! They also have rice, pasta, meat, fish, and some other green and healthy alternative. Calle del Rec Comtal, 2.

Aquarella Music Restaurant It is a large but cozy room where dinner is served under an imposing red curtain stage. Flamenco shows, comedy, dance and many other genres with groups such as Flamenco Voyage, Plan B or Enigma, all accompanied by good food and better music. It is in Gran Vía de les Cortes Catalanes, 572.

More Ravetllat offers you, by Sternalia Productions, experiences with a guided visit to different areas of the city, dinner and shows. On the one hand, the medieval dinner with knight fights and juggling games; on the other, dinner jazz & soul to vibrate with live music; another with views of the stars, a scientific conference and fourteen types of menus available at the Fabra Observatory; and, finally, a dinner for the senses previously enlivened with a mentalist performance. Torre dels Pardals Street, 33, local 3.

In Madrid

WAH: East Show musical immerses you in a dream world, after passing through its street food gastronomic area, to stand before a stage of lights and sounds. Its interpreters nail songs from yesterday that we have all hummed in a in crescendo and, when the dj appears, you will cry with emotion. Avenida del Partenón, 5, in pavilion 2 of Ifema.

In Lashthe cocktail bar of the Peruvian Alexis Cárdenas harmonizes nikkei food with delicious specimens such as the Mola un Huevo or the Peruvian Mule, ideal for cooling down from the heat that is about to enter you (from Thursday to Saturday) with the spicy show by the famous choreographer Toni Espinosa, or on Wednesdays and Sundays at the Show Salkantay. Calle de las Infantas, 28.

the crooked can boast of being the first silent show from Madrid, because when their funny drag queens to sing swaying, you put on some headphones to hear the lyrics well or, if you prefer to talk, you don’t bother the other diners. Meanwhile, on your plate there may be delicacies such as steak tartare on Indian panipuri, mustard and egg yolk, some Joselito ham croquettes and a Tres Leches Cake to finish off at calle Pelayo, 4.

in the Balearic Islands

Ca na Joana is a recognized restaurant that, this year, adds the Japanese bar of Bichi Formentera inside a country house from the 16th century with its leafy patio where a romantic atmosphere is recreated under the sound of live piano. Carrer de Berenguer Renart, 2. Sant Francesc.

Bibo Ibiza: Starting from its views of the bay of Talamanca, take advantage of the events, workshops, meditation sessions and concerts that they organize. But the best are the specialties of Dani García, whose head chef, Daniel Ramírez, prepares delicacies such as the spicy oyster in pipirrana, corvina ceviche with yellow chili sauce and jalapeños, grilled sole or the barbaric chocolate mousse with chantilly vanilla. Carrer de Ses Feixes, 52, Talamanca, Ibiza.

It is neither a restaurant nor a party room: LIO Ibiza it’s everything. Cabaret performed by dancers with spectacular costumes and choreography; a haute cuisine menu with dishes such as crayfish carpaccio with pineapple or foie balls; and an unexpected transformation into a disco starting at one in the morning. Passeig Joan Carles I, 1.

in marbella

Mosh Fun Kitchen is from the Mosh Group and sets the trend, not only with its cocktails and shishas, ​​but also with its endless menu from which you can satisfy your craving for sushi with a source of sashimi Moses-style. And then, musical and entertainment shows in the king of show food Marbella in Avenida del Prado, 2.

father beach fuses predominantly vegetarian Asian, Mexican and Mediterranean food in a setting with the smell and views of the sea and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. A dinner that closes with performances by the best musicians, artists and DJs in the world at parties in front of the sea in Playa del Cable. Cable Beach Street.

In Valencia

In The Buleria They are sure that one of their responsibilities is to teach the world the true identity of flamenco, so behind the scenes you will find different well-known artists of the world practicing the most representative styles. A cultural experience accompanied by Mediterranean gastronomy dishes such as beef in red wine sauce. Bishop Jaime Perez Street, 24.

urban cafe It offers performance with a drink, although, while you’re at it, why not dine with a stand-up comedian on stage? Well, maybe because you can’t articulate a mouthful of laughter caused by the ingenuity of artists like Manu Baeza or the humorous magic performances of Nuel Galán at Calle San Antonio Sacramento, 13.

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