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15 delicious takeaways to celebrate International Sushi and Picnic Day

June 18 is International Sushi and Picnic Day, and what better excuse to invite your friends, family or partner to a good meal outdoors surrounded by quality Japanese dishes and without having to lift a single finger? to prepare them.

The low caloric intake of sushi and the amount of ingredients it contains are, in addition to being beneficial for your health, an explosion of flavor if they are properly combined. So, after our article on Japanese specialties, we have done some research to find the take away who master these techniques so you can enjoy them in different provinces.

In Barcelona and Madrid, value for money-pleasure

Teikit he has set up an entire empire in both capitals. In addition to their fun packaging, they make the chicken bao and they are exquisite fusion rollfor example, the crunchy tuna prickly pear or salmon crush. The Paris is very original, with foie micuit, baked apple, wrapped in crunchy panko, Pedro Ximénez reduction and fleur de sel. And the wild or Oreo mochis, fluffy and tasty.

Also in Barcelona and Madrid, the quality of the Nomo-Motowhere you have many options to choose from, but we recommend the ‘Nomo Friends’ wooden tray, for its variety of sushi from the great Nomo classics, which give a good example of their art in 45 pieces of makis and nigiris of multiple flavors and ingredients .

Surgeon Kitchenin Madrid, brings you live Japanese cuisine, directly to your home -literally- with its home chef service with show cooking included and, if you want, they can customize the menu. Add to that the possibility of catering and food to go, to visit the place with a tasting bar and the most original: master classes and workshops for beginners.

Red Project was born during the pandemic when Álvaro Castillejo and his partners wanted to create a Japanese delivery quality at a reasonable price. Now they are opening their first premises so that you can live that experience in a restaurant, although they continue to maintain their take away with star dishes such as Iberian cheek gyozas or butterfish flambéed with truffle.

in Aragon

bokoto It has the same purpose in all its restaurants: to transport you to Japan. In Zaragoza you will find everything, cold starters such as usuzukuri, seaweed salads and, of course, endless rolls of all flavors. Although, if you have a hard time deciding, we recommend the tasting menu. And if you go to pick up the order, you will enjoy 5% on all the prices of the menu.

Som sushi has a special menu for take away in which to choose seven varied dishes, but you can also order à la carte. Of course, when you are many, it is best to take a combo, since there are from 20 to 78 pieces, which include a mix of makis, uramakis, sashimis and a few other types of rolls.

in Castile and Leon

In Salamanca, Burgos, León (and in almost all the autonomous communities of the Spanish State), you will find Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar, which is committed to a new concept of innovative sushi whose recipes are much more daring. One of the star dishes is the Gunkan House Lovers, six pieces of “Sibuya”, kamikaze and spicy prickly pear.

Wabi-Sabi Japanese tavernin Valladolid, has selected some of its dishes under the option of take away. The craving for meat will be satisfied by the wagyu burger; the one with prawns and avocado, the “ebi no ura-maki” roll; and the desire to try something new, “Nori”, a roll of eel, mango, cucumber, kampyo and chives.

in Euskadi

in San Sebastian, Elosta restaurant & Sushi bar It has a peculiarity: the fusion of Japanese, Peruvian and Basque cuisine. The origins of its ingredients make the interpenetration of flavors clear and this is demonstrated in the tuna croquette with Katsuobushi or the typical Peruvian tiradito, but this time sea bream with Salad and lime sauce.

own distributors Tokyo Sushi Victoria they take the sushi to your house in the blink of an eye. From Monday to Sunday, its chefs prepare delicacies such as grilled pork gyozas, Glee Shan-style spicy chicken with curry, a sushi boat with different versions and, for dessert, the famous green tea dorayaki.

japanese ura commitment to signature cuisine with a daily menu so as not to bore its guests under two slogans: “Japan in Bilbao” and “Things are clear and sushi on the table”. The noodles and rice are endless: with vegetables, squid, sirloin, spices, etc. And they also have five types of Gunkan, among which tobiko stands out for its flavor emulsion when bitten.

in the Balearic Islands

wasabi offers an express service with which to enjoy 10% on purchases over 25 euros and, although the categories are more than varied, when you enter the website you can see what the customers’ favorite dishes are: philadelphia roll, gyozas of all kinds or gomoku yakimeshi, a sautéed rice with shrimp, chicken, egg and vegetables.

In Ibiza you will find more than one restaurant Sushimi, although, they only collect orders from 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The ideal thing to take away and dine comfortably without complications are the “Sushi box”, five boxes that mix different types of pieces according to your tastes. And, if there is someone vegetarian, they have a special for them.

In Andalucia

Tropical combines Nikkei cuisine with Japanese-Brazilian cuisine, BBQ and an innovative cocktail bar, although these drinks are not available to take away. The roll What embodies its name is the house specialty: salmon, avocado, cream cheese, kiwi top, sesame, sweet soy sauce and dehydrated durian powder.

In Granada, Aisushi Its specialty is the salmon tartar or any of its different ramen, which can be combined in combos with drinks and ice cream. And although they have the best “aipoké” proposals, dare to design and choose your own poké from endless ingredients.

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