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15 Latin cuisine restaurants in Spain where you can try the authentic Ibero-American flavor

More and more restaurants are choosing to bring us closer to the exotic flavors and unusual recipes of the latin american gastronomy. Some, following to the letter the most traditional guidelines of their places of origin; others, adding an innovative and modern touch to their original dishes.

Such is the boom in Spain that, specifically in Zaragoza, until next July the Ibero-American Capital of Sustainable Gastronomya whole year full of different events where Latin products merge with Aragonese, gastronomic sustainability and gastronomic culture from Latin America.

Among its varieties, chili and Mexican corn; Argentina and its infinite cuts of meat, fried foods and the endless variety of Peruvian products, the aroma of the Colombian paisa tray, the not so well-known color of Venezuelan dishes and the personality of Brazilian meats accompanied by sauces.

If you want to taste all that and much more, here are some restaurants that will take you to those countries from the first bite


The Argentine Cabin brings the meat from its own country, so you can confidently try all its cuts, especially the steak high loin, the tender sirloin or the classic grilled Creole chorizo ​​as an appetizer. Ventura de la Vega Street, 9 and 10, Madrid

On the tasting menu El Porteno Steakhouse Five different cuts of grilled beef come, the Creole chorizo, the melted provolone and the typical Argentine empanadas. And finally, one of the most famous original desserts in Argentina, the chocotorta. Carrer d’en Llop, 4, Valencia.


Yakumakna It is faithful to the concept of popular Peruvian cebichería coined by its creator, Gastón Acurio. In this “olla de agua”, the cebiches and tiraditos delight hundreds of palates, although you can ask for the fish of the day and they grill it or fry it with their Peruvian sauces. Valencia Street, 207, Barcelona.

kero It is Juan Carlos Perret’s pisco-bar to fuse Peruvian food with Galician products and demonstrates its firm originality in revised traditional dishes such as wok-cooked cockles with rocoto pepper and coastal herb. Calle Castelar, 6, low, in Vigo.


In Barcelona’s Eixample, it is located the paisa fonda, a small restaurant with portions to share. All its menu takes you to Colombia, although you have to try the ajiaco, the rib sancocho or the patacones. Diagonal Avenue, 332, Barcelona.

La Rochelle offers versatile plans: a romantic dinner of typical dishes such as the paisa tray with views of the Cocora Valley; a quick meal of arepas stuffed with cheese, meat, or vegetables; or an after-meal cocktail and good coffee from the land with Colombian music in the background. Cardinal Cisneros Street, 58, Madrid.


Diaz House won the third prize in the first edition of the Patatas Bravas International Contest. But, in addition, you can also try, in a tapa format, the specialties of the Venezuelan family that runs it, such as their tequeños (even with vegan cheddar cheese), their yucca with guasacaca, fried plantain in all imaginable varieties, arepas and empanadas in mini or normal size, the salpicón Vuelve a la vida from Cuyagua or the cachapa, which is like a corn pancake with cheese and pulled pork. Carrer Castillejos, 285, Barcelona.

It goes without saying which is one of the star dishes of Molarepa, but the diversity of the fillings of its arepas, from the simplest such as meat or chicken with cheese, to the most complete such as the one that embodies its name, with pepiada queen, fried cheese, fried egg and bacon. Santa Catalina Street, 1, Saragossa.


Vila Brazil represents the typical Brazilian steakhouse, specializing in rodizio or espeto corrido of different cuts of grilled meat served and filleted directly at your table, accompanied by endless sauces and a true caipirinha. Ponteareas Street, 1, Madrid.

Empire Grill Restaurant it is the best example of buffet all-you-can-eat rodizio Malaga, in the heart of Soho, to non-stop trying their selection of slow-roasted chicken, pork, lamb and beef with an international wine list and even live shows. Av. Manuel Agustín Heredia, 4.


Oaxaca Mexican Cuisine It is the beautiful and immense place of mezcal and Guajaqueño cuisine run by Joan Bagur, who learned with Carmen Ramírez Degollado or Titita, the one from Bajío, in Mexico. The ideal is to ask for their tasting menu, but you cannot miss their guacamole mashed in a mortar at the table, the red aguachile with mango, the crab taco or the spider crab toasts in ceviche. Not to mention the spectacular corn tamale with Oaxacan chocolate and pot coffee. Pla del Palau, 19. Barcelona.

In all the locations of between sigh and sigh, the Castañeda family has maintained the Mexican tradition since its inception in 1993 and its tequilería, an Agave museum with more than 1,500 bottles. Their specialties: the coastal pancakes, any of their famous sauces and their margaritas. Calle de los Caños del Peral, 3, Madrid.

Three premises with decoration inspired by wrestling has The Breaker in Saragossa. They have dishes suitable for celiacs such as the famous Mexican cochinita, vegans such as chilaquiles and specialties such as enchiladas, enmoladas or mushroom quesadillas. His soul grew up in Calle Princesa, 3.

Mexican flavor and Basque tapas come together in Bilbaoin From Mother Mouth, where tequila has its own menu and is the king of delicacies such as prawns with tequila. And for dessert, an endless menu in which some such as fritters or cajeta or chocolate crepes triumph. Elcano Kalea, 24.

A bit of many Latin countries

In Da Galera Tavern you will find Chisco Jiménez in charge of the kitchen and Xalo Muñiz behind the bar shaking the cocktail shaker. The merger of two partners in an urban tavern where Galician tradition and fresh produce joins the gastronomy of different Latin American countries.

For this reason, you can enjoy the same Galician millet empanadillas with pork rinds and cheese, as a Peruvian hake ceviche or the skewer with Colombian arepas, among many other Latin dishes. Galera Street, 32, A Coruna.

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