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16 restaurants where you can eat a barbecue without bothering to make coals

It may seem that grilling is easy, but cooking food as tasty and perfect as on these grills has its intricacies. Y There are different types of professional barbecuesbut we have come across a fairly widespread Basque grill model, and in some, such as Asar Formentera, with “the house of fire”, where the charcoal is kept ready so that the heat is never lacking.

Specifically, the teacher’s explanation Julio Romero, from Sagardiallows us to understand how their grills work: “the use of round rods so that the fat falls into a tray and not into the food itself is essential, because the important thing is that the meat or fish maintain its original flavor and aroma” .

Most of the time, we work with oak charcoal, since it has an optimal calorific power and no odours, so that the product maintains its own. For those who want the meat more done, the grill, as it is adjustable, works at a higher height so that it is done little by little and, if they want it more tender, it is closer to the incandescent coal so that it is toasted on the outside and super juicy on the inside. .

Many restaurants also have a Josper oven of high quality that allows temperature control, combining charcoal, embers, smoke and very high heat intensity, giving everything a smoky touch.

in Catalonia

Sagardi Basque Chefs It has offices in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. The Borne grill is where Julio Romero brings to your table, after some chistorrillas with summer tomato, a whole bacchanal on the grill: artichokes with Iberian, prawns, cuttlefish and, as the protagonist, filleted steak with green salad and peppers of the piquillo. Calle de la Argenteria, 62, Barcelona.

great entrecôte It offers veal and cow from Argentina, European and Friesian Galician with maturation. The original thing is that the selection meats are presented at the table in a cart, their characteristics are explained and the customer chooses the piece and its cooking point before being grilled in the Argentine style, like their wines. Carrer des Banhs, 1 Arties (Aran Valley).

the marinade It is the restaurant-shaped creation of a Basque family directly arrived in Sitges, on the Catalan coast, from the coast of Getaria, one of the most inaccessible in Euskadi. Perhaps the result of nostalgia, the master griller and owner of this restaurant makes some of the best grilled fish in all of Catalonia and by extension in the Spanish State on his grill. The Donostiarra-style sea bream is unmissable. Calle Rafael Llompart, 49, Sitges.

in Euskadi

The incandescent ember of Elkano is the queen of Euskadi, where all the fish from the Bay of Biscay is cooked with love and with the grilling techniques of the person who managed to earn the fame of “the king of turbot”: Pedro Arregi, founder and father of Aitor, the current chef of a restaurant Michelin that also stands out for its kokotxas, sea bream, red mullet and sole. Herrerieta Kalea, 2, GetariaGipuzkoa.

Aratz commitment to fresh seasonal and proximity products and a dream wine cellar. It is the temple of grilled hake and sea bream, of txuleta or farmhouse suckling pig on request. Among dozens of starters, pintxos and Basque recipes, of course. Igara Bidea Street, 15. Saint Sebastian.

in Cantabria

In La Fragua Grill Rotisserie, the perfect choice is a salad with lettuce and tomato from the garden, a pourer of cider and a plate of grilled meat with chips, Padrón peppers and a small grill on the table to seal it yourself. Paseo Solatorre, 8, Quotation marks.

With views to the south of the bay of Santander, in Grill the Tronky They have a large charcoal grill outside where they prepare marine delicacies such as prawns or sea bream with Manchego cheese croquettes as an accompaniment. Barrio el dock, without number, Pedrena.

In Madrid

In Mu! the pleasure of the meat They offer you an extensive selection of Argentine cuts such as their vacuum specialty (tender and lean meat) or Black Angus, an Argentine high loin cut. And everything, grilled with quebracho charcoal, typical in Argentina. Chinchilla Street, 3.

Steakburger It has seven restaurants in Madrid and one in Murcia, but all of them serve meat directly from the farm. Of course, going through a charcoal grill until the Steakburger original. Gran Vía, 16 is the most central of them

In Andalucia

with grill accent It is far from the center but it has fantastic coals to eat from a Simmental to a Galician blonde with the right maturation. The steaks and entrecôtes cut into fillets come out with a purity and tenderness that are at the level of their empanadillas, their bravas and their provolone. And let yourself be surprised by its wines! Al-Nasir Avenue, 13, Cordova.

Erre & Urrechu MarbellaErre for “burn” and Urrechu by the well-known chef of this restaurant based in the Meliá Don Pepe Hotel in marbella. A grill with proposals such as the Friesian cow chop, the veal shank roasted for 14 hours, or the monkfish trunk. Calle José Meliá, no number.

In Zaragoza

Native Traditional Deli passes sea and land through embers with originality as a motto: roasted onions with romesco sauce or grilled Aragonese rice with ribs and graus sausage, in addition to its steak menu. Juan Carlos I Avenue, 41.

The Aragonese grill with products from the garden is the hallmark of The Xarments, where it doesn’t matter if you choose the Aragonese menu or the one that embodies its name, because in both you will find braised delicacies such as lamb ribs, artichokes or octopus. Espoz y Mina Street, 25.

In the Valencian Community:

carnivorous instinct It is a gastronomic space where the product comes from its own premium butcher shop, so they control its traceability. Experts in maturation, they have a particular aging process that accentuates the tenderness, flavor and texture of the meat. Avenida de Lairón Nave 13, Castello.

An ode to the sea, but barbecue style. the tailor shop He cooks everything for you on the grill and in sight: Arturo Sánchez acorn-fed Iberian ham with grilled bread and tomato, rail clam, Mediterranean red prawn, asparagus with bacon, etc. José Benlliure Street 42 and 44b, Valencia.

in Formentera

Roast Formentera It is the latest from the Argentine owners of the old Caminito in Formentera, experts in a Basque grill that gives even avocado and gazpacho that grilled flavor. They have a maturing fridge with cuts like tomahawk or the T-Bone and an unmissable star dish: the high loin. Venda des Molí de s’Estany, Sant Ferran ses RoquesFormentera.

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