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19,000 Pokémon Go poke stops will disappear | Digital Trends Spanish

In Japan, Pokemon go will have an important and no minor change that will be noticed from November 1: more than 19,000 poképaradas and gyms will completely disappear from the game.

This because the 7-Eleven store in Japan has announced the collaboration with Nintendo is coming to an end and Pokemon go. Thanks to this partnership, practically all the chain’s stores in the Asian country were either a poke stop or a gym, which was very convenient for both parties.

However, that ends on the indicated date and that means that the number of pokeparadas will be greatly reduced. It’s unclear if Niantic is going to replace these in-game POIs with poke stops and gyms in nearby locations, or if those spaces will eventually be left empty.

Anyway, that this type of agreement comes to an end seems normal for a game that is gradually fading, after five successful years. Pokemon go It was released in 2016 and since then, Niantic has been adding a lot of content and has even held annual celebrations to celebrate the milestones of the game.

Not even the pandemic reduced the popularity of the game, which requires going outside to hunt pokémon or interact with other users. Niantic also made some adjustments to increase the distance needed to be within specific locations in the game, which allowed people to continue playing without problems, even in the middle of the confinement.

It should be noted that these disappearing poke stops will affect only Japan, although it would not be surprising if similar situations occur in the rest of the world in the future. All mass-type games will at some point have to come to an end and Pokemon go will not be the exception.

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