Monday, September 26

1pMobile to start charging thousands of customers if they don’t use £2.50 worth of credit every 30 days from today

If you’re unhappy, you can switch penalty-free

As 1pMobile is a PAYG service it means you’re not tied into a contract and you can simply stop using it. If you have credit though, you will not be refunded.

Of course, make sure you can get a better deal elsewhere before you switch. 1pMobile currently charges 1p for texts, 1p/min per call and 1p/MB for data. It is our top pick for those who simply want a spare, cheap Sim for emergency or occasional use. Currently, the next best buy is Asda at 4p for texts, 4p/min and 4p/MB. See more info in our PAYG Mobile guide.