Sunday, February 5

20-something retires for 5 years after earning $1 million selling his selfies on NFT

Key facts:
  • In 4 days, the 933 NFT launched by Ghozali were exhausted, with which he raised USD 1 million.

  • Ghozali revealed that he will be launching a special selfie that could be valued higher than others.

A 22-year-old became a trend this week, after generating a wave of people interested in buying his selfies in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). This is Ghozali Ghozalu, who in addition to selling his entire photo collection, managed to capture the attention of the media and influencers such as the youtuber Luisito Comunica and even created a song about him.

Ghozali, who is an Indonesian computer science college student, He took a selfie every day from the age of 18 to his current 22 years. The objective of this personal project was to make a video that collected all the photos to remember his growth. Although the idea changed a bit when he decided sell them as NFT on the OpenSea platform.

But nevertheless, never thought his simple NFT selfies would sell like hotcakes. The launch was made on January 9 and since then the demand began to rise, causing the prices of some to go from 0.001 ETH to 0.8 ETH. This means that they increased from USD 3 to USD 2,500, as reflected by the CriptoNoticias calculator that converts the ether currency to dollars.

As they were being sold, Ghozali declared on Twitter: “I don’t even understand why they want to buy NFTs of my photos, but I thank them for 5 years of effort that was worth it.” The great interest generated by his selfies allowed him to sell out the entire collection in just 4 days, which had a total of 933 NFT.

The sale allowed Ghozali to raise a total of 314 ETH, which is equivalent to more than $1 million. His plan now is to continue taking selfies for five more years to sell on NFTs.. It will be a cool trip advertisement and Twitter.

The NFT collection can be found on the OpenSea platform as “Ghozali Everyday”. Source: Twitter.

In addition, he revealed that he already has one in mind that could be valued more than others. It is his college graduation photo as he hopes to finish his studies within the next five years.

Ghozali’s fortune reaches the ears of the Tax Directorate, Luisito Comunica and even a singer

The fortune he made with his NFTs became so well known in the media and social networks that it reached the ears of the Indonesian Directorate General of Taxation (DJP). The government entity tweeted to the new young millionaire that he must register his income to pay income taxes and that it wished him the best of luck for the future. To that, Ghozali replied: “Of course I will pay for this because I am a good Indonesian citizen. This will be my first tax payment in my life.

His story also got singer Jonathan Mann did a song special, honoring your project and that of different people who have taken photos of their faces over a period of time to see their growth. Ghozali thanked him via Twitter and confessed that it will be the song he listens to before bed to have sweet dreams.

As CriptoNoticias reported, Ghozali’s collection also caught the attention of youtuber Luisito Comunica, who stated on Instagram:


This project proves that everyone can make money with NFT if you just know how to get attention. It is about that, to make your project striking. It’s as brilliant as it is absurd. It’s very funny and a lot of people are making money from this. Why? Because something cool was found in this artistic project. Just as it was before with art galleries, now it is with NFT.