Friday, September 22

20 Spanish investment funds bet on Pharmamar

Pharmamar It is a family business where its main shareholders correspond to the same ones who founded the biopharmaceutical company or command it starting with the largest shareholder, Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa, who is president and founder of the group of Galician origin.

In the noble zone there is also the counselor, Montserrat Andrade, and wife of the president, or also the counselor Sandra Ortega, via Rosp Corunna, without forgetting the vice president and cousin of Fernández Sousa, Pedro Fernandez Bridges, from your family office Safoles.

After these there are already investment giants such as Vanguard, Blackrock The Bank of Norway, also Pharmamar itself with one of the largest treasury stocks in the IBEX 35 at the level of social capital.

But not near the latter appears Santander Bank, What ninth shareholder with 1.11 percent of the share capital valued at current market price at 12.09 million euros, according to the shareholder register of Bloomberg.

Banco Santander AM, present with two funds

The position of the entity chaired by Ana Botin It is produced through the bank manager, Santander AM, and more specifically with two investment funds: Santander Spanish Stocks Y Santanter Small Caps España.

Pharmamar has a weight in Santander Acciones Españolas, a fund that closed 2021 with a return of 10 percent, 1.05 percent and out of the top 10 positions. Regarding Santander Small Caps Spain, which advanced 13 percent in 2021, the biopharmaceutical weighs 0.74 percent, also outside the top 10 positions.

In total, thehe Spanish funds present at Pharmamar exceed twenty and the presence of some of the managers of the large Spanish banks is relevant in the social capital of the biotech, according to data offered by Morningstar a

Caixabank AM bets with four funds

A) Yes, BBVA, from BBVA AM, Y caixabank, from Caixabank AM, are among the 20 main shareholders of the Galician company.

BBVA adds 0.15 percent of the capital, a position with a market price of 4.75 million euros from the bottom BBVA Stock Market Index where Pharmamar weights 0.23 percent of the portfolio of a fund that closed 2021 with a revaluation of 9.4 percent.

Caixabank has 0.12 percent of the IBEX 35, 1.26 million euros, from four funds of its manager: Caixabank Small & Mid Caps España, weight of 1.13 percent for Pharmamar; Caixabank Stock Market Index Spain, 0.25 percent weight; Caixabank Index Spain, 0.21 percent weight, and Caixabank Stock Exchange Spain 150, 0.20 percent weight.

Renta 4 and Liberbank also present

It is time to jump to the Continuous Market to find the next listed entity present in Pharmamar, Rent 4 Bank, with 0.10 percent of the currency, valued at 1.07 million euros.

His position comes from the bottom Rent 4 Multigestion Quality Cap. GI, rise of 16.5 percent in 2021 and where Pharmamar weighs 0.31 percent. is also freebank with Liberbank Variable Income Spain, weight of 0.95 percent for Pharmamar and annual increase for the vehicle of 9.5 percent last year.

All in all, Caixabank, with the Caixabank Small & Mid Caps Spain fund; Banco Santander, with the two funds, and Liberbank are placed among the top 10 positions of funds present in Pharmamar where the company has a greater weight by weighting.

Lead the list Management Boutique VII Patientia, with a weight of Pharmamar of 9.56 percent, followed by Store Management V Chart Gbl Multidir, 7.80 percent for Pharmamar; VI Kaldi Boutique Management, 4.45 percent, and Patrisa, with 1.17 percent, according to Morgninstar data.