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2022: The best new products so far this year | Digital Trends Spanish

Although this time is usually a little slower for technological innovations, it is enough to be able to know some of the best new products that renowned brands have delivered to us. CES is behind us, and we’re looking ahead to big spring tech releases from Apple, Microsoft and others.

We always have a new round of cool, new, must-buy products that we’re reviewing. From high-end cell phones and innovative headphones to the mobile DAC (Digital Audio Converter) you didn’t know you needed.

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All the cell phone you need

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

We are going to complete three months of the year, but we may already have the star cell phone to beat. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a serious phone for enthusiasts, for those who want to push the limits of what a phone can do. Between the integration of the S Pen, a very versatile camera and a huge 6.8-inch screen, it has everything you need, as long as you are comfortable with the size and the slippery surface.

It may not be a significant upgrade over the S21 Ultra, but if you were already a fan of the Galaxy Note, the S22 Ultra is an obvious upgrade.


  • The S Pen is comfortable and very precise
  • Versatile camera takes great photos
  • State-of-the-art processor for maximum power
  • Long software compatibility
  • Nice high refresh rate screen


  • Battery charging not very fast
  • big and heavy

open back headphones

sony linkbuds

Sony LinkBuds in their case in a person's hand.
Simon Cohen/Digital Trends

Right now wireless headphones come in two main types. The former have active noise cancellation (ANC) to block outside sound and offer the best possible audio quality.

The second is more standard headphones (such as Apple’s AirPods), which sacrifice sound quality for price and ease of use.

But what if you don’t want to block out the outside world? That’s where Sony’s LinkBuds come in, promising exceptional sound in an open-back design.

The result is a much more natural sound that resembles a set of speakers. It’s not perfect, like most first-gen devices, but it’s hard not to applaud innovation in a highly saturated product category.


  • Unique sound permeable design
  • Very good “open” sound quality
  • Great for voice and video calls
  • Wide Area Tap function
  • wear sensors
  • Equalizer and Control Customization
  • IPX4 water resistance


  • poor battery life
  • Not good for noisy environments
  • Not very secure and may not fit some ears
  • Does not have wireless charging
  • No Bluetooth multipoint

Solid Dolby Atmos sound

Polk Signa S4 Soundbar

Partial view of a Polk Signa S4 sound bar on a wooden surface.
Simon Cohen/Digital Trends

If you want a high-quality soundbar for your living room with Dolby Atmos without breaking the bank, your options are few. One of the best is the Polk Signa S4.

Despite costing just $399, the Signa S4 includes upward-firing drivers and a wireless subwoofer, all of which deliver highly immersive sound for all your entertainment needs.

It’s missing some important features and connections, but if you want cinema-quality sound at a good price, look no further.


  • compact design
  • Very easy installation
  • very clear dialogue
  • Excellent Dolby Atmos sound
  • Excellent for TV music


  • No equalization settings
  • No Wi-Fi/AirPlay/Chromecast
  • No HDMI outputs

The sound will move you

Chord Mojo 2

Chord Mojo 2 next to a cell phone and connected to two cables.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

You may think you don’t need a DAC. You may not even know what a DAC is. But all you need to be convinced with the Chord Mojo 2 is to try it.

The sound it delivers is incredible and, according to our reviewers’ ratings, it might even make you shed a tear.

It’s a mobile DAC, so it’s small, and it works great with your cell phone and most headphones. You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate the kind of lossless audio the Chord Mojo 2 can produce, as long as you’re willing to pay for it.


  • incredible sound
  • Enough power to drive most headphones
  • Multiple device connection options
  • Customizable lossless equalizer
  • Long duration battery


  • The equalizer is complicated
  • MicroUSB charging is deprecated
  • Does not play MQA files

True G-Sync

Acer Predator X28

Acer Predator X28 with the image of a scene from a game.
Jacob Roach/Digital Trends

Gaming laptops tend to forego the niceties in favor of raw performance. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not lacking in playability, by any means.

The Predator X28 still has Nvidia Reflex, G-Sync, a 1ms gray-to-gray response time, 4K resolution, and a 120+ Hz refresh rate.

In addition, it has an amazing image quality. Excellent color calibration and up to 452 nits of brightness. These things are rare for a gaming monitor, even one as expensive as the Predator X28.

You have to pay extra for the dedicated G-Sync chip it comes with, and that’s not worth it for everyone. Still, the Predator X28 is as excellent and premium a gaming monitor as you can buy.


  • Excellent accuracy and color coverage
  • Nvidia Reflex and G-Sync
  • 4K at 120Hz via HDMI
  • Superb gaming performance
  • Four USB ports, including two on the side


  • The OSD is a bit technical
  • G-Sync adds a small surcharge
  • Does not have HDMI 2.1 ports

Fitness for apartment dwellers

Tempo Move

A man exercising at home with a Tempo Move.

The growth of home fitness equipment has led to many different approaches to solving the problem.

Many of these pieces of equipment are exorbitantly expensive and require an entire section of your living room. The Tempo Move takes a different approach and is a particularly apt solution for apartment dwellers.

It puts everything you need for a proper workout into a single compact package that includes barbells, dumbbells and “Core” modules, all designed to be stored in a portable cabinet.

The service itself uses your iPhone and impressive AI technology to bring you workouts and fitness classes at home, all tailored to data from your training style.

Like most of these fitness services, the $395 hardware and $40/month service aren’t cheap, but they’re on par with other premium fitness services.


  • Excellent equipment storage
  • Intuitive application
  • A. Responsive and reactive fitness tracking
  • Support for up to six users under a Tempo home
  • Competitive price compared to other comparable options


  • It is not compatible with Android
  • There are no live classes (currently)
  • Application can be finicky at times

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