Monday, September 20

28.4% of young people in Barcelona speak Catalan regularly, seven points less than in 2015

28.4% of young people living in Barcelona speak Catalan as their usual language, while in 2015 it was for 35.6%, according to the ‘Youth Survey 2020’ promoted by the City Council of Barcelona and which was presented today at a press conference by the councilor for Children, Youth, the Elderly and People with Disabilities of the municipal government, Joan Ramon Riera.

Spanish goes from being the usual language of 56.5% of young people in 2015 to being so for 62.1% in 2020, and English also rises slightly, which is the usual language for 2.3% of young people , and the “rest” of languages, for 7.2%.

Difficulties with Catalan are more pronounced among those born outside of Spain, since only 32.4% of these people claim to have a “good” knowledge of Catalan, a figure that rises to 82.1% among those born in Spain. Condition.

Distributing the neighborhoods of Barcelona into three strata according to their average income, in the richest 41.3% of young people have Catalan as their habitual language, 32.0% of those who live in middle-income neighborhoods have it, and the figure drops to 13.9% in the third stratum, with the lowest income.

The survey, carried out between March 10 and 12 and June 18 and 27, 2020, has collected 1,407 interviews of young people between 15 and 35 years old who have lived in the city for at least six months.