Sunday, January 16

3 reasons to buy the XDC Network token

With a rise of 11.92% during the last 7 days, the token of the XDC Network platform is one of the best recently performed in the top 100 of the market, perhaps it is the first time you have heard of it, you should read this to find out why it might be a good idea to buy it.

At the time of writing XDC is trading at $ 0.08. Its market capitalization is $ 1,045 million, making it 88th in the Crypto Online ranking. The circulating supply is 12,305 million and at the moment there is no supply limit.

This cryptocurrency was created by Xinfin, a hybrid blockchain technology company that offers services to optimize international trade and finance for companies.

XDC Network is designed to support smart contracts, and is capable of instantly validating blocks.

With the vision of creating a highly scalable network, the XDC blockchain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS) protocol.

1. High efficiency

The XDC blockchain is characterized by using an extremely efficient protocol, which takes advantage of the voting power of the interested parties, to solve consensus problems in a fair and democratic way.

The hybrid XDPoS protocol allows the digitization, tokenization and instant settlement of commercial transactions, thanks to the great efficiency and reduction of the dependency on complex infrastructures to carry out operations.

To give you an idea of ​​how powerful this network can be, while Bitcoin processes between 3 and 6 transactions per second, XDC can exceed 2,000 transactions per second, spending just 0.0000074 terawatt-hours.

Comparison chart of the performance of the BTC, ETH and XDC networks.  Source: XinFin.
Comparison chart of the performance of the BTC, ETH and XDC networks. Fountain: XinFin.

2. Important associations and listing on various exchanges

The growth of the XinFin network is accelerating more and more, as it gains significant alliances and sponsorships. As we can see in the image below, XDC has established partnerships with major organizations such as Circle, Copper or Nanyang Technological University.

XinFin Associations.  Source: XinFin.
XinFin Associations. Fountain: XinFin.

You can buy the XDC token in several of the largest exchanges of the moment, such as KuCoin, HitBTC or Changelly PRO. Inclusions on the decentralized exchanges SimpleSwap, Simplex, and GlobianceDEX have also promoted positivism.

Recently, rumors spread that this token could be listed on the Coinbase exchange. If it happens, it could be great news for those who invest in this currency.

3. Strong uptrend of the XDC token

Finally, when we review the monthly price chart we clearly see that buyers are the dominant force.

Currently, the XDC token is making a relevant correction after a strong momentum, and despite the fact that many of these types of falls are scared, it is really the best time to buy for strong hands.

Price parked above a major support zone around $ 0.078, and has been leaving low price rejection.

Despite the bulls still not confirming that they have regained control, the sellers’ lack of determination can be a good early sign that momentum may follow.

In case the support is lost at $ 0.078, then it would open the way to selling to a low of $ 0.056. At the moment this is not the most likely scenario; But even if it does, the previous strong uptrend could defend price quickly.

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