Wednesday, March 22

30-year-old laptop can mine Bitcoin, but it has a problem

Bitcoin mining is a heavy activity for any machine or computer, needing mining farms of great potential to be able to carry out the activity.

However, Bitcoin’s mining program is so versatile that it can even be used on 1989 equipment. a time to generate profit.

The website Hot Hardware recently published an interesting test, showing how the owner of a Toshiba T3200SX from 1989 managed to get the (already quite old) equipment to mine Bitcoin.

584 million years to make $1 dollar

This is an excellent way to show how versatile blockchain and Bitcoin technology is, because a computer that doesn’t even run the Windows 98 operating system can mine Bitcoin.

But of course, as you can imagine, it’s not easy to actually generate any profit with Bitcoin in this setup, according to Hot Hardware’s estimates. it would take about 584 million years to make $1 from mining on the T3200SX.

As you can imagine this is just hypothetical, since it would make no sense to carry out mining like this, the human race will not even last that long (perhaps not even planet earth.

interesting experiment

Still, the experiment is really interesting precisely because it shows the adaptability of this technology.

“Many devices can be used to mine Bitcoin, from ASIC and GPU boards to devices made with Raspberry Pi. So why not try something really exotic, like a 32-year-old laptop? Since we can,” said Dmitrii Eliuseev, who carried out the laptop experiment.

Eliuseev is a Python and IoT developer and is a big enthusiast of different technologies such as radio communication, as well as enjoying studying about science.

He explained about his experiment that “the best way to study any technology is to experiment with it”, even if the project is not practical at all, just curious.

Technology advances and becomes cheap

Another point that the experiment shows us is how much technology evolves and becomes cheaper. The laptop in 1989 was worth about $6,299.00. It may be that with time we will have even cheaper computers with better technology to maintain the Bitcoin network even using less energy.

The giant Intel is already working on the launch of an innovation for Bitcoin mining that could lead more people to seek to have their digital currencies generated, in addition to helping to make the network more secure.