Monday, September 25

35 people detained from a gang that sold drugs in candy kiosks

The Civil Guard has detained 35 people in various towns in Seville, of which 15 have been imprisoned, who were part of an organization that used minors to sell drugs in areas with an influx of teenagers, including at candy kiosks.

The arrests have occurred in Aznalcóllar, Sanlúcar la Mayor, Olivares and Umbrete after 23 house searches, which have led to the dismantling of sixteen points of sale and manufacture of drugs, including cocaine, heroin, cannabis and methamphetamine, has reported the civil Guard.

The agents found that residents of Aznalcóllar and Sanlúcar la Mayor maintained several drug outlets and used minors to avoid arousing suspicions, introducing these narcotic substances into youth entertainment areas and bars.

The organization even had candy kiosks that they used as drug outlets and, in fact, one of them used high-purity cocaine, enough to make more than 800 doses, as well as other substances hidden in the back room.

This gang also had people known as “aguadores” who, through instant messaging groups, warned of the presence of police controls that were established at the entrances to these towns to avoid them.

The majority of drug outlets and drug nurseries were in previously occupied homes, with electricity and water “tapped”, further increasing the organization’s profits.

Intervened weapons

Other substances used for cutting have also been intervened in the records, such as a large amount of pure anhydrous caffeine or ether, whose intake of more than 1-2 grams can cause significant toxic effects, used without control “by the members of the organization in charge of “cook” the drug.

With the quantities of drugs and cutting substances involved in the operation, more than 50,000 doses of this type of drug have been withdrawn from the market.

Likewise, a shotgun prepared to make live fire with ammunition, five long weapons and four simulated short weapons, almost 90,000 euros in cash, a moped and numerous stolen objects have been intervened, including motorcycles used by the youngest for the distribution.

The operation began in April, when the Civil Guard detected the relationship between a series of crimes such as robberies, altercations with the security forces and leakage of controls, including the case of the run over of an agent from the Aznalcóllar Post during a control to avoid the sale of drugs.