Friday, January 28

35,000 euros for 700 km of autonomy: the Volkswagen Trinity wants to mark a before and after in the company

Hyundai’s Seven concept made us see how the brand wanted to transform the interior of a car to make it look like another room in our house, defining what it believes the cars of the future will be. Now it is the turn of Volkswagen, which has presented the Trinity like the saloon of the future.

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Less customization possibilities, less production cost

At night, the Volkswagen Trinity looks like something out of the Tron universe.

We are no longer talking about a concept like Hyundai, but about a car that we already know some details about and with an estimated production date. El Trinity It will measure 4.7 meters long and wants to reach a range of 700 km, being offered at a base price of 35,000 euros. It will be able to go from 0 to 100 km / h in five seconds thanks to its estimated power of 800 volts.

It will be a car that cannot be too personalized: all models will have the same configuration except for the wheels, the battery capacity and the color. This will allow Volkswagen save on manufacturing costs by simplifying assembly and modularizing it, thus being able to adjust the price.

Of course, the Trinity is going to be a autonomous car. The company will take advantage of what it is learning with its Argo AI engine to offer a theoretical level of autonomy of 4. Its uncluttered interior will include screens (or holograms as we can see in the image) for each and every one of the passengers.

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If Volkswagen’s plans are fulfilled, this Trinity will begin to be manufactured in 2026 from Wolfsburg. The company wants it to be a major turning point for its range of cars and mobility.