Monday, September 20

37% of scooter drivers in Barcelona skip the traffic lights and 29% go against the direction

A study by the RACC has put figures on what any pedestrian suffers when walking through the streets of Barcelona: ignorance and violation of the most elementary traffic regulations by users of electric scooters. 37% of drivers of this type of vehicle skip the traffic lights, and one in three goes on the sidewalk. And when it circulates where it touches, 29% go against direction.

The study has been carried out from 600 face-to-face street surveys of users of personal mobility vehicles (PMV) randomly selected in Barcelona during June 2021. The behavior of 3,065 users in the morning and afternoon rush hour has also been analyzed. on weekdays. The conclusion, said the director of the RACC mobility area, Cristian Bardaji, is that scooters should go down to bike lanes to reduce conflicts with pedestrians.

The data show the problem that scooters have become in the city. In addition to those who skip the traffic lights, 22% do not respect the pedestrian crossing. This means that 26% of the accidents involving scooters also affect people on foot. The study points out that 51% of VMP users do not know basic aspects of the regulations to circulate, such as the use of a helmet, light or the spaces where they can circulate.

In addition, although it is not allowed, 45% of scooter users use headphones and 24% mobile phones while on the road. The typical VMP user in Barcelona is an average 33-year-old person who makes two or three trips a day, in the 80% of the cases of less than 5 kilometers. The typical user began to use the scooter because of the cost, especially if he used public transport, but also because of the speed if he used to go on foot or by bicycle, reports the ACN. 58% of users do not combine the scooter with other means of transport.

Regarding speed, 94% of scooters do not comply with the regulations when they travel on the bike lane on the sidewalk when they go above the permitted 10 km / h. On the other hand, 97% do respect the 25 km / h limit on the road. 9% of users admit that they have the scooter modified to go faster.

12% have ever had an accident with personal injury. Almost half (45%) involve other MVPs or cyclists in accidents. 13% admit to having been fined at some time while riding a scooter, double that of the 2020 study. 62% are in favor of applying sanctions for non-compliance with the regulations.

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